any ideas?

an ideas why my once sweet and darling little boy is now in absolute terror for his life when we change his diaper or change his clothes? i kid you not, he squirms and wiggles and runs away and sometimes even screams and cries so hard he starts coughing and choking. it’s actually quite stressful for dave and i.

4 thoughts on “any ideas?

  1. oh my friend. it’s only the beginning… sorry i don’t have any sage words of advice. however- there was a time a few months ago (i think before halle joy was born) that out of nowhere markus was a train wreck for diaper and clothing changes. and when we laid him down for bed. it was really odd, because he wasn’t acting out any other times. come to find out 2 weeks later that he had a RAGING ear infection and he was freaking out when we laid him down because that was when it hurt the worst. but there have been other times where he has freaked out over the most mundane of things simply because he is a child. xoxo.

  2. My first thought was ear infection too, but Olivia has never had an ear infection and we went through this a while ago. She would get hysterical anytime I had to get her dressed or change her diaper. Oh the joys! :)

  3. This may be all psycho-babble, but I do remember reading something about kids, at some point, feeling like their clothing is part of them, and taking it off is like losing part of themselves. Does he freak out for baths or bedtime? The thing I always tell moms is to remember that there are certain points, developmentally, when a little kid’s world dramatically expands. For whatever reason, they’re seeing the world differently…maybe sensing they have more or less control than they did, or something is scarier or more comforting, etc. Sometimes it’s possible to figure out what happened developmentally to produce this; sometimes not. These can be very puzzling times. I would not rule out the ear infection thing, either. And last but not least, my very sweet Cami disappeared at this very age, temporarily, thank goodness! But I remember thinking, who is this child and what did they do with my REAL kid? and IS THIS WHAT SHE’S GOING TO BE LIKE FROM NOW ON???? As you will, we survived!

  4. I hate to say this but Jacob hit the stage again at 2 1/2. We had to stop potty training due to how much is going on and it was too much for him. He tells us it hurts when we wipe him. I didn’t see a rash but just putting the diaper rash cream on seems to make him a little happier. He still lies to us and says he doesn’t need a diaper when we know he does, and he stays in his PJ’s until lunch sometimes. Usually if he wants to go outside I can get him to get dressed. Sorry I don’t have advice for your little guy, but remember this too shall pass. If you can figure out why he is so unhappy maybe you can help him.

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