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rough day

boy oh boy… today has probably been the worst of all our days at home since sam was born. and today she’s one week old…. happy one week birthday, right? for three of the past four days, davey has taken an AWFUL nap (shorter than an hour) and has been SO WHINEY. i feel AWFUL b/c i have absolutely no patience for him today. zero. and it makes me feel like a bad mom. i know i’m not a bad mom…. but i feel like one, ya know? i know we all have days like this, but i hate actually having to experience it. he really is a good kid. still a baby, in fact. but he seems so big compared to sam. it makes me sad that he’s no longer my baby. i really wish it weren’t raining so we could go for a walk. that might help – my mood, at least. 


to top it off, sam has been (trying) to use me as a human pacifier. seriously. i can’t take it. my body can’t take it. she actually spit up blood (my blood) last night/this morning. yeah. i’m a big old mess. she’s just ripped me to shreds. i still love her, but i can’t handle being a human pacifier. not today, at least. sigh. 


but despite having a difficult day with the kids (how in the WORLD will i cope with days like this when dave is back at work?), i still love them. they can both make my heart melt. they both make me smile. and laugh. and i can’t imagine my life without them. and a good way to remind myself of the good things about the kids is to look at cute photos…. like the following:




going to the doctor’s on wednesday:


who doesn’t love a sleeping baby?



 and not to be left out…. big brother davey has such a killer smile:


that last picture had us laughing pretty hard last night. davey and i were cuddling on the couch (he’s shirtless b/c his shirt was DRENCHED in drool) and he started making this "tick tick tick" noise and wiggling his fingers on his belly. once i realized he was saying "tickle tickle tickle" i couldn’t stop cracking up. it was SO CUTE! we do have it on video, but the likelihood of us getting it onto you tube anytime soon is pretty slim. he was laughing pretty hard, too, especially when we laughed at (with) him. he’s talking more and more…. we can’t understand most of what he’s saying, but he really is trying. and he’s mimic-ing words all the time (reminds me to watch what i say!). he really is growing up.


and now, as a way to continue to end this post on a positive note, and to prepare myself for november (which starts tomorrow?!?!?!) here’s a list of 5 things that i am thankful for TODAY:

1. a helpful husband who can take over when i’ve lost it.

2. two healthy and beautiful children who make me smile and laugh (even when i’m frustrated).

3. the anticipation of some visitors (julie & alissa from the store and linda & eme joy).

4. the thought of a marble cake with chocolate frosting (i still have to make it, though).

5. an amazing church body who is providing another meal (our 3rd of 4)… so i don’t have to worry about dinner tonight.


so there you have it. my post started as an "i’m frustrated" moment and is ending with "i’m thankful" thoughts. i like the "thankful" thoughts better. can you name 2 things you’re thankful for today?

rainy thursday

this time last week, i was walking around costco with my mother-in-law. i was experiencing contractions, i was dilated to 3.5 cm and was 90% effaced. and i was convinced i was going to have a baby before the day was over. but instead, the adventure was just beginning. the labor adventure, that is. i still haven’t typed my story…. i will do it soon (my goal is in the next few days) b/c i want to get as many details down while i can still remember them. hard to believe, though, that my sweet samantha jane hasn’t been with us (on the "outside") for even a week yet!


i had hoped the weather would be nice all week but today was a bit on the rainy side. oh well. it IS almost november. dave has off through wednesday so there’s still hope for some more "sunny park days" for davey and daddy – and maybe mama & sam could even join them! this morning dave’s mom came by to take davey for a few hours – it was the PERFECT day to do it, too. he woke up bright and early (7:30am) and dave had a headache for most of the morning. ugh. but with grandma to the rescue, it’s mid-afternoon and we’re fairing much better now. it also helps that we had some DELICIOUS homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning (thanks to Lisa AND Barb for the goodies you delivered yesterday)! actually, dave just ate another cinnamon roll for lunch…. guess i should plan a healthier dinner for us tonight since his breakfast and lunch aren’t offering much from the food pyramid! 


i also want to say a huge THANK YOU to all my dear friends who have offered advice and encouragement to me. nursing is going much better (thanks especially to nee, for the "latching" help, and to christine for that link!). it’s still painful when she latches, but that’s mainly b/c i’ve got some small sores that are still healing. ouch is right. i also feel relatively engorged, which is why i’ve pumped a few times so far (to help alleviate that painful "too full" feeling). i’m learning that sam is more of a snacker. she will only eat on one side at a time (99% of the time) and will eat, then drift off then want to eat again and on and on and on. she’ll do that for an hour or two and then she’ll be content and full for 3-4 hours (especially at night). so right now, since she’s still not even a week old, i’m letting her do her thing… i don’t plan to be really strict on a schedule, but i do need her to get into a "meal mode" rather than a "constant snack mode" but that will come with time. i did have a LOT of problems "producing" with davey – and i tried all kinds of suggestions, but nothing helped enough. so i’m quite thankful that sam is getting plenty to eat with some left over. 



okay…. it’s a number of hours later and i still haven’t published this post, so i’ll add some info and then get going for the night. i worked hard today to get davey and sam’s rooms switched around so we can have them sleeping in the same room where their clothing is stored. the plan was to have davey sleep in the borrowed crib but use the same mattress, sheets and bumper pads he’s used to. we also put the humidifier in his new room… so that helps with any strange noises he might hear. little davey (who i now call my "linebacker" since he’s so much bigger than his sister…. even though he’s still a peanut…. he’s 15 months and is JUST NOW starting to wear his 12-18 month clothing)…. back on track…. my little davey was really tired – VERY TIRED. so up we went… into his new room. bottle and binkies in hand. i had hoped he would fall asleep in my arms like most every other night and i could just lie him in the crib and that would be that. oh boy was i hopeful. he’s smart. he knew something was up. after about 30 minutes, i had him down. asleep even. but the humidifier ran out of water. so when i picked up the right part to go add water, i made too much noise. and he woke up. since i had curtailed sam’s feeding so i could try to put davey to bed, i was in physical pain (engorged) and then super frustrated b/c i couldn’t get him to sleep even though he was exhausted. so dave and i switched (he was holding a hiccuping sam) and it took dave another 45 minutes to get davey to sleep. only get this….. davey is asleep on his BIG BOY BED instead of in the borrowed crib. seriously. 


so in an hour or so, we’ll go check on davey. we’ll either move him to the crib or add some borrowed side-rails to the bed. and see what happens in the morning. could be an interesting night here in the dunkin home!


our first outing

sam’s updated weight: 5 pounds 11.5 ounces…. so she’s up 3 ounces from monday. which means that even though daddy called her an oompa-loompa this morning (she’s a bit orange), there’s no need (yet) to worry about her bili level or do anything additional to treat it. she’ll have another weight check on monday and then her two week follow-up next friday. 




after davey’s LONG nap (2.5 hours) yesterday, we took our first outing as a family of four…. to target and the maternity store at the mall. just a little adventure. it went okay – no major problems. i’m glad dave was there, though. i’m curious as to how errands at walmart, target, the mall, etc. will go when i’m alone with the two kids. i’ll have to remember to take the baby bjorn for samantha so there’s room in the cart for the items we need!


the target dollar spot currently has winter hats and mittens for babies right now, so i picked up the pink striped set for sam. they also have some cute tights so i picked up some of those, too. they’re a little "odd" b/c one has pink snowflakes and one has little christmas trees, but for $1 i thought it was worth a try. i was also a little "naughty" and picked up some items in the baby center of the store for her – some head bands, some really cute bow clip/barrettes (though she doesn’t have enough hair for them yet) and a girlie "tug tunes" toy:

unfortunately, i noticed AFTER getting home that i bought the wrong size in the "tree" tights (i accidentally picked up 6-12 months) and the wrong "kind" of pacifiers (i wanted the non-silicone ones). if anyone local is headed to target anytime soon, let me know… maybe you can do an exchange for me!  :)  


we’ve been blessed in the last few days to receive two bouquets of flowers. one from the NYC family – uncle john, aunt babi and cousins liz, kate & wendy:

 (these came with a frame, too – i LOVE LOVE LOVE these flowers!)


…and one from dave’s employer:

 (these came with a white teddy bear).


and yesterday we received a pink beanie baby bear with an "it’s a girl" balloon (courtesy of our church). and at the hospital on friday, auntie rachel & uncle sterling brought flowers (pink gerbera daisies – my favorite) & a balloon ("welcome").



we had an okay night last night. i got to sleep in my bed for a few hours and then sam and i went downstairs where i (once again) fell asleep burping her…. so we had to stay downstairs through the next feeding. but i got to go BACK to my bed a little before 7, which was such a treat! i think i got about 5 hours of sleep in my bed – first time in almost a week! sam’s doing better every day with her eating and she sleeps a lot. i love when she opens her eyes – she’s like a little turtle…  i remember thinking the same thing about davey.  


and here are a few questions for anyone who wants to try to answer them:

1. why is my stomach (significantly) larger now than it was an hour after giving birth?

2. will it ALWAYS hurt like crazy when sam latches on (we’re talking MASSIVE pain – i’m still working with her to get her mouth open really WIDE)?

3. how can i tell if i should be pumping now to increase (or maintain) milk production… how do i know if sam is eating enough… if she’s "emptying" me?

4. why does it hurt so much when the stitches are coming out (on their own)?




that’s enough for now.  

bathing beauty

in an attempt to prevent her from turning orange (and to help her stop turning yellow), my little samantha became a sun bathing beauty today. 


davey fought naptime really hard. so i had to go in and look at books and feed him a bottle… and he finally fell asleep in my arms. meanwhile, sam was sleeping on our bed so dave made sure she was in the sun in just her diaper (doctor’s orders) and hopefully this will help lower her biliribin (sp?) levels so we don’t have to do any home therapy (like a light bed). 


last night was another rough night with sam. i’m eager to get her into the nursery where the clock has a white noise machine – i think that might help her sleep better. so far she will really only sleep while being held. i sat upright (and slept upright) most of the night again last night. and that’s not good for me and my rump sure is sore! hopefully we can get davey moved into his room tonight or tomorrow night and then sam can move into the nursery. i’m not rushing anything, but i am eager to get my kids (plural!!!!) situated into their new spaces. hopefully i’ll be able to (finally) finish up some decorating in the nursery (i never did get anything on the "main wall").


oops! sounds like the bug is awake after a good long nap. i’d better go get him and then we’re all off to the mall for a little trip to target and the maternity store.


hospital photo

click HERE for sam’s hospital photo/baby album


we saw dr. dickson this afternoon for an official weight check… down to 5 pounds 8.5 ounces. he’s not concerned, but we are going back on wednesday morning for another weight check. and hopefully she’ll be less yellow. he’s not concerned about her current jaundice, but we don’t want her to get any more yellow/orange. 


she’s eating okay. my milk is coming in, so hopefully she’ll eat better now. she’s chewed me raw and i have scabs (sorry for so much info) so please pray for fast healing for me (though i’m still nursing – it’s just better for all of us)!


more photos and updates soon, i promise. i’m hoping to feed her now and also to get davey and sam’s clothes in the proper rooms (and pull out davey’s next size clothing – finally)! dave & davey are at the park right now… it’s supposed to be about 60 degrees today. maybe sam and i can join them for a walk later this week (if it stays so nice)!


EDITED: VISITORS ARE WELCOME. PLEASE! i think with being on "limited activity" for a month or so before her birth, i’m feeling a bit couped up…. so please come and visit us… we’d love the company! just don’t bring any colds with you…. we’ve had enough of those this season already!


some details

 we got home around 4 pm yesterday and it feels so good to be in our home. we learned our "lesson" when we stayed in the hospital an extra day with davey – it takes them hours to discharge you at our hospital. we didn’t want that experience again, so we had them release us less than 24 hours after roxy…. i mean samantha…. was born. and we’re glad we did. here’s sweet sam all snug in her carseat:


davey is very curious about and interested in his sister. we’re watching him closely since he’s so young and he doesn’t understand words like "gentle" but he seems to really love her:


i’ll give you a brief version of our story and for those who want more detail, once i’ve typed it up, i’ll give you an option to request the story via e-mail… but i’ll need a few days for that! so here goes:


contractions off and on all day thursday. doctor’s appt. she was SURE i’d go into hard labor thursday night. we went to the hospital:

but they sent us home after 2 hours b/c the only progress i made was for roxy to drop another station (from -3 to -2).


woke up friday with contractions that were way stronger when i stood up…. they were every 2-3 minutes apart when standing and every 8, 10, 20, 30 minutes apart when sitting. seriously frustrating. but my back hurt really bad so we went back to the hospital. this is our final "family of three" photo (taken as a contraction was ending so my eyes are a bit red from crying):


the timing of our arrival at the hospital was perfect (thank you, Lord!). i in an exam room by 10 (dilated to 4 cm). my doctor happened to be there – she saw my tears (i told you my back hurt) and ordered my epidural. note: i wasn’t even admitted yet!


so i was immediately admitted. and by 11 am i had an iv, my epidural and was dilated to 5 cm. for the next 3 hours, there was pretty much ZERO progress. even my contractions stopped. they called my doctor and she ordered potossin (which is used to induce labor/contractions). that helped get the contractions going again… but not enough… i was still at 5 cm.


at 2:50 p.m., Dr. Tu came into my room. she decided to break my water, go into a surgery that would take about an hour and then i should be ready to deliver. so she broke my water and left the room to do a surgery. and i felt pain. INTENSE, AWFUL, HORRIFIC PAIN… felt WITH my epidural. so with nothing else to offer me, the nurse decided to check me. it was 3:15 p.m. (so 25 minutes after dr. tu broke my water). and she discovered that i was in so much pain b/c baby roxy was ready to make her appearance. yep. from 5 cm to fully ready to deliver in just 25 minutes. 


so the nurse ran to page dr. tu, who was back in my room in about 2 minutes. then she was gone to change into scrubs. not sure of the timing here, but roxy was born at 3:27 p.m. – just 12 minutes after the nurse checked me and ran to get dr. tu! i think i pushed about 4 times before she was all covered in goo and resting on me!


so in a short window of time, we changed from our little family of three to this:

a family of four. it seems so surreal. almost like a joke. but it’s real. this is my life. changed in an instant. 


dave has some great shots of sweet sam, but they’re on his laptop, so it may take me a few days to get to them and post them here. if you’re patient, i promise you’ll see some great photos of our petite daughter! in the meantime, please pray for her to nurse well. last night it took two hours for her to nurse and then fall asleep. yep. two hours (8:30 to 10:30). she seems to be peeing & poo’ing just fine… it’s the nursing that is an issue (my milk hasn’t come in yet – most likely another day or so). i really want to nurse samantha, so i’m trying hard to stay relaxed, to drink lots of water and to let her learn in her own time (no matter how much it hurts!). for now, though, we really need her to eat well so she can flush out her system… the next two days are the most crucial regarding jaundice (and you may recall that davey was very jaundiced and had to be on a home light bed which messed up his weight, his eating, my milk production…. and was just very exhausting). 


additionally, tomorrow we’ll probably start the "room swap" situation to move davey from his crib to a borrowed crib in his new room. for now, sam is sleeping in a playpen in davey’s big-boy room. she arrived just a little too soon for us to be fully organized regarding their rooms!




now we’re just waiting for dan & heidi to have their little girl (due date was yesterday) and wade & tori to have their little boy (they are several days overdue, i believe). 

she has arrived

she has (finally) arrived. the story of her arrival will be saved for another (much longer) post, but for now, please join us as we welcome this sweet little girl to our family:


Samantha Jane Dunkin was born on Friday, October 24, 2008 at 3:27 p.m. She weighed in at 6 pounds, 6 ounces and was 19 inches long.


We plan to leave the hospital later today (Saturday) and we’re looking forward to being at home. More details and photos to come soon…. I promise!

nothing yet

so after 3 hours of contractions ranging from 3-8 minutes apart, we headed to the hospital. we arrived at 11:10 p.m. i was still 90% effaced and dilated to a 3… almost 4. roxy was still at -3 station. so they had me walk the halls for as much of an hour as i could. let me tell you, these contractions hurt like the freakin’….. i don’t know what. they hurt. a lot. under my belly AND across my low back. 


after about 35 minutes of walking the halls (it’s a seriously SMALL circle they have available for you to walk), i curled up on the bed of the pre-admit room and just cried. i was SO TIRED (it was about 1 a.m. by now). 


they checked me again and my only change: baby roxy dropped to -2 station. but same dilation. same effacement. so they sent us home. i got a few really good, deep hours of sleep. and now i’m wide awake. the contractions are continuing, but i’m sure i’m still at a 3 almost 4. let me just say: this absolutely sucks. i really just tried to think of a better word, but nothing would come to mind. 


so today the waiting game continues. it seems that roxy is not nearly as cooperative as her brother was. that scares me a bit. oh – here comes a contraction… gotta go!

still waiting EDITED

i feel like this week is all about waiting. with my "limited activity" instructions from dr. tu, i’ve pretty much been sitting around the house this week. that’s hard for me. but i have a feeling i should get used to it. i’m thinking that with two kids i might not get out and about as much as i did with just one! additionally, it’s been pretty sunny and nice this week (yesterday it got up to 62 degrees!) and i’ve really wanted to take davey for walks to the park to play on the swings. but i figured that since the hospital usually tells moms-to-be to go walk the mall for an hour (when they’re being induced) that i probably should NOT be going for walks to the park. i’m really hoping that we have some nice weather this fall/winter so davey, roxy and i can go for walks to the park. i feel like i’m missing out on autumn this year. or that i’m simply experiencing it from the boredom of my couch! 


dr. tu is hoping for roxy to stay in until 37 weeks (which would be this coming monday, 10/27). i’ll see her today and get some updated stats – i know there have been some changes since my appt. last week. and i’ve been having contractions this morning. so we’ll see how my appt goes at 2:15 today. 


i’m taking my mother-in-law with me to watch davey and then to help me at costco. i’m planning to stock the freezer with all kinds of costco meals (lasagna, chicken & rice, pot roast, garlic chicken, etc.) to help make dinner planning a little easier once roxy arrives.


this pregnancy has been pretty different from my experience with davey. i had more nausea in the beginning. and i think i needed to sleep more. and then the reflux started (i’m not a fan of that!). and then the insomnia. and i’ve carried roxy lower (a slight frustration when getting dressed each day!). and then the back/hip pain. and now the contractions. i never really felt/experienced contractions with davey, so this is a whole new ball game for me. on the plus side, however, i’ve had some opportunity to do some nesting. and i’ve enjoyed shopping for good deals on baby girl clothing (with a few splurges here and there). and baby roxy has moved around a lot more than davey ever did, so i’ve been more aware of this pregnancy. 


oh – before i go, please keep our entire family in your prayers. davey still has a snotty nose (still clear) and he was kind enough to share his cold with me (though i’m definitely on the upside of it), grandpa (who is feeling a bit better) and with daddy (who is still feeling pretty crappy). i would love for us to all be healthy when this little girl makes her grand entrance…. so please pray for a quick recovery for dave. and dad. and a full recovery for davey and myself. thanks!



it’s 5:22 p.m. i saw the doctor today and here’s the info:

dilated to 3 (almost 4)

90% effaced

her head is low (dr. tu could feel it)


so Dr. Tu thinks i’ll be at the hospital sometime tonight to have this baby girl. we’ll keep you posted as we’re able. i did get to go to costco after my appt (dr. tu said it was okay) and my freezer is now stocked with several kinds of foods and i have a whole new box of diapers for my little MAN. my mother-in-law is hanging out with me right now…. well, she’s playing with davey. i might go try to take a nap.

davey and grandpa

baby roxy is still inside. happily, i think. whew. every morning when i awake (trust me, i do wake up about 3-5 times each night to use the restroom or to roll over) and realize it’s morning and she hasn’t arrived yet, i thank God for His faithfulness to keep her inside just a little bit longer. and today is starting out well… i slept pretty well, the sun is shining, we’re going to go to safeway today (they have GOOD ice cream on sale for $2.99) and so far davey’s in a good mood, too. 


yesterday we went to visit grandpa & grandma (monday is grandpa’s day off) and davey had fun with grandpa (one of his most favorite people ever!). they went for a ride to the post office (grandpa has a new toy he had to play with – a GPS unit). and then they went for a walk to get the mail. only it was raining and i haven’t yet looked for davey’s winter hat. so grandpa found an old baseball cap and to my SURPRISE, davey left it on his head all the way to the mailbox and back (a few houses down the block)! i tried ALL SUMMER to get davey to wear a hat and LEAVE IT ON his head (to avoid a sunburned head) but he would have none of it. turns out i should’ve asked grandpa to put the hat on davey’s head!

aren’t they a good looking pair?!


don’t you love that little fleece vest davey is wearing? it was his birthday present from our friends reid & sarah and i LOOOOOOOOVE it! here’s a photo of him from behind…. looking SO GROWN UP…. while wearing the vest:

his hair is getting a bit long in the back…. guess it’s time to call brandi and get him scheduled for another hair cut! 


uh oh. i think i smell something not-so-good. and davey is wandering around me playing. which means it’s likely it’s him that i smell. and that means i have to have a mini battle right now. he really HATES having his diaper changed these days… and he’s SO WIGGLY! he can twist and squirm and contort and get away just about every time. the kid has taken to running around the house naked from the waist down lately. especially when dave is trying to change him. and then a game of "chase" ensues and he loves that. oh what a funny little kid!