sick again

davey didn’t sleep well last night (he woke up 4 times between 8 and 10 p.m. and then again at 2 a.m. and once more after that). poor little guy. his eyes are watering like a dripping faucet. his nose is running. he’s sneezing and coughing. i hate it when my sweet little guy is sick. and as a precaution, based on last night’s sleeplessness, we got squeezed into the doctor’s office today. and on top of his cold, he has another DOUBLE ear infection. his first one was 3 months ago. and now he’s got his second one. let’s hope he’s not having these regularly now. just like last time, however, aside from the waking up at night and a some extra "neediness," youd’ never know he was sick. he’s happy. smiley. and will even run around and play a little.


grandma watched my little sick guy this morning so i could go to my OB appointment. baby roxy is doing well. we’re starting to measure my fetal-fibro-nectins (sp?) which is a protein in the cervix that sometimes gives some "warning" of the labor process. please pray that this baby stays in until early november….. without the need for bedrest beforehand. i did get three ambien (sleeping) pills… and i’m looking forward to using the first one tomorrow night (b/c dave gets up with davey on saturday mornings). 


dave should be home sometime tonight (probably late) and i’m looking forward to that – i miss him.  


gotta go take care of my whiney and crabby sick boy!

One thought on “sick again

  1. I had the Fetal Fibronectin test done. It’s a scary thing when you have no idea. Mine was negative and they’ll check it again as I get closer but they checked it because of my contractions. Anyway…it’s not painful and it’s great to be able to put your mind at ease. Not sure if you know but if it is positive it’s still only a 16.5% chance you would go into labor with in 2 weeks. Good luck with your sick boy.

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