roxy update

 after an hour delay, i FINALLY got to see dr. tu today. i did call on my way into the office, so i was able to run errands instead of sit in the office waiting all that time.


when they found out about my fall at mcdonalds a week and a half ago, they wanted to document that in my chart and get an ultrasound. unfortunately, i didn’t get to really see sweet roxy… just her head and skull. dr. tu said roxy is measuring in the 50th percentile. so that’s good. dr. tu also measured my cervix – which is shrinking slightly (but dr tu said she would expect that at 32 weeks). and she took another sample of my fetal fibronectins and we’ll have the results in a day or two. 


please PRAY that my test (fetal fibronectins) is NEGATIVE…. because if it’s positive, i’ll be put on bed rest. and for those of you who know me, i would go STIR CRAZY if i were on bed rest. 


dr. tu did tell me that she’d like me to try to cut back on my activity some more. i’m pretty shocked because i don’t know what else i could stop doing. i really do sit down and rest A LOT during the day. what more can i do? the laundry still has to get done. dinner still has to be made (or purchased). davey still needs me to pick him up. hold him. love him. play with him. change his diaper.


so i’m frustrated that i have to figure out some way to do less but still keep my household functioning. trust me when i tell you that my house cleaning has gone the way of the wild west (especially in the past few months). and the very thought of bed rest sends me to tears (literally – my eyes well up). at the same time, i know that dr. tu is just doing what’s best for roxy. she wants roxy to stay in until 37 weeks. i’d prefer 38 weeks. so i’ll follow her recommendations, but i have to be honest and say that the possibility of bed rest really makes me STRESSED.


but for what it’s worth, there’s my OB update. thanks for your prayers – i (we) would really appreciate them. 

4 thoughts on “roxy update

  1. You CAN find ways to cut back, and if you need to go on bed rest, you WILL be able to do it. Remember all the “mom” things you thought, before Davey was born, that might not be able to do well? Well, as far as I can tell, with God’s help, you’ve done them. This will be no different. :) Mind over matter, darlin’, and one day at a time. Love you.

  2. Hang in there, Tam! I’ll be praying for you. I can imagine, it must be super frustrating. Does your church have a program to bring meals to people that need it? I’ll bet too, they’d probably volunteer to cuddle with your sweet boy. :) What about Easy Entree or Dream Dinners? They have the service of putting the meal together for you, you just pick them all up.

  3. i’ll pray for you tam! if you do have to go on bed rest, God will be merciful to you. Family and friends will help out, little Davey will be a gem (more than he already is), and it will seem like such a short time in the end. But I hope you don’t have to, b/c I know that would be difficult… I can’t imagine. Let us know the results! love you!

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