rough morning

today has been a rough day. dave got up around 5… he’s in seattle for work today and tomorrow. davey then decided to get up at SIX A.M. and to be a whiney, crabby, cranky boy. he was placed in his crib TWICE in the hopes that he’d fall asleep for an early nap. it didn’t work EITHER time. he did, however, finally fall asleep in his high chair while eating lunch. he was pretty much out of control at bedtime last night, too. i hope this is NOT a new trend!


yesterday while he was in a good mood, though, davey enjoyed a new snack:

raisins. unfortunately, i saw them all in his diaper this morning… my child is STILL not willing to CHEW his food. it’s getting more and more frustrating… and truthfully, this whole "food issue" is a major stressor for me. i’m afraid he’s not getting enough food. or enough nutrition. or enough variety. and then i feel like a bad mama. and then all-of-a-sudden he has a good eating day where he chews his food and eats everything i put in front of him and i suddenly feel like i can "handle" the world of feedings again. and then the not-chewing and not-eating resumes… it’s a vicious cycle.


time for me to go get crafting again while davey sleeps. i’d like to take a nap myself, but i’m not tired right now…. i was earlier when he was throwing his fit(s)… and i’m sure i will be again later (just as he wakes up from his nap) so i think i’m just destined to be tired and cranky today. you might want to stay away from me today!  :)

2 thoughts on “rough morning

  1. I am right there with you today, Tam! Ellie woke up at 5:30 and has been a GROUCH! And, of course, I just want to sleep since I got the short end of the sleep stick this morning with her early rise! I was all excited because she took a nap yesterday, but if THIS is what results from a daytime nap, then I think I’m willing to keep her awake and not let her sleep even when she WANTS to nap! Top it off with a stupid head cold that settled in last night and has left me with a sinus headache today and I say we ship our two kids off to a sitter and craft together, LOL! Oh, to have a personal jet right about now! I’d come see you in a heartbeat!

    Enjoy your crafting and know that you’re not alone in the daily ups and downs of motherhood. You have my sympathy and prayers today!

  2. Oh Tam! Sorry you’ve had such a rough day. I just got through a rough patch with Olivia a while back. We’ve all been there. And don’t beat yourself up over the food. Olivia still shovels it in and doesn’t chew. I figure she’ll outgrow it eventually. Toddlers will start eating a lot less at this age so just keep offering, but don’t stress if Davey doesn’t eat a lot for a day or 2. Both of my kids would eat a lot (or enough) one day and then almost nothing for the next few days. It seems to be the norm with everyone I’ve talked to as well, but it is stressful. You’re doing a great job! :)

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