davey seems to be doing pretty well with his medicine. he still hates to take it, but it’s not QUITE as bad to force it into him now. just 4 more days and we’ll be out of the meds and hopefully he’ll be over his cold, too. he’s still pretty snotty at times (literally snotty, not bratty-snotty) and in the morning his cough is pretty bad, but he’s his usual happy self. he IS still pretty clingy. i’m REALLY hoping it’s related to the cold and double ear infection b/c he’s getting heavier and heavier and i’m getting bigger and bigger and it’s REALLY HARD to hold him all the time! he’s been sleeping pretty well (with the exception of sunday night), so hopefully that will continue, too. 


i took this photo last week:

i LOVE him in these overalls (thanks, Jessica!) and with this striped, long-sleeved onesie… well, it’s one of my new favorite outfits for him! and you can see him with TWO remote controls in this photo…. we have a LOT of remotes in this house and he loves every single one of them!


his latest feat: he can climb down off the couch(es) without any help. thankfully he can’t climb up onto the couches by himself (not yet, at least). he also walks around the house saying "no" or "no-no-no" all the time. even if he wants what you have, he says "no." it’s getting old, but i know it’s just a phase. 


our current "issue" in this house is we have SOMETHING living in one of our walls. at first dave thought it might be a mouse. but this morning he saw a bunch of wasps flying around, so it might be a whole host of wasps. we’ve got an exterminator coming out on thursday morning to check it out. we’re kinda scared about the possibility of it being wasps b/c dave recently killed a wasp with his bare hand while sitting outside for lunch. he didn’t get stung, but it is likely that he got some wasp venom on his finger. his finger has been bothering him ever since. and he’s been a bit achy, too. but on sunday, when he took a benadryl, he felt better almost immediately. so he’s thinking he might be allergic to wasps. pretty darn allergic, actually. so the thought of a huge wasps nest living in our wall in the office (where he spends quite a bit of time) isn’t the most wonderful thing. then again, would i rather have wasps or a mouse? i’m not sure. hopefully we’ll have some answers on thursday.


well it’s time for me to go take a shower and let davey destroy my room (while i take a shower)… i get to go to Treasury today to teach!

One thought on “recovering

  1. You’ve gotta love overalls. Cami and Sean wore them a lot but Nate didn’t…not sure why, except maybe he was just too darn tall. Yeah, that tall thing started way back then already…I should’ve known!

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