last week uncle tom came over to mow our lawn… and he hung out with davey for a little while after he was finished. we were all upstairs in the bonus room and davey wanted to show off his reading skills…



this book is one of davey’s favorites (i think it’s from auntie rachel) – it’s got a few animal faces and you’re supposed to hold it up to your own face… only davey kept showing us the lion over and over and over and over and over (you get the idea) again… and it was usually upside-down! not to mention it was really hard to try to get a photo of him with his eyes actually in the eye holes… i never quite captured it. i got his nose and his mouth, but not his eyes!


today we had hoped to have a play date for davey with uncle tom so i could get coat #1 of red on davey’s wall, but uncle tom thought the play date was yesterday and already made plans to go camping this afternoon. sigh. so hopefully we can get coat #1 on the wall tomorrow while uncle jeff is around (though he may not be able to make it, either). so instead we’ll probably hang out around the house and then take a trip to the post office (gotta get davey’s thank you cards in the mail… FINALLY). and i may work on some stuff for the craft show. just a little bit here and there as i feel able. and once i start to stress myself out, i’ll stop. i promise. i’ve been really good over the past week at actually napping (or at least resting) while davey naps. there are so many things i want to do…. should do…. ought to do (like dust, vacuum, paint, craft, etc.) but instead, i’m putting baby roxy first. i really want her to stay in until early november. i really don’t want to have to go on bed rest. and because of that, i’m forcing myself to take it easy. to rest. to relax. and to enjoy the moment. 


hopefully you’ll get a chance today to enjoy something that you might have otherwise overlooked. happy tuesday to all of you! (p.s. yesterday, davey turned 14 months!!!!)


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  1. Good for you Tam, you’re making the right choice! I had to do the same thing and i’m SO glad i did. I was able to do it without bed rest but did have to scale back my life significantly (b/c of my braxton hicks & cramping). Today i’m 3 weeks out from our due date – praise God! I’m now 2cm & 60% effaced and still holding out. All that to say there’s hope for you as well my friend =)

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