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rather than taking the time required to go to the other computer, export and upload the photos that dave took during our recent photo shoots, here’s a link to his picasa web album… the first two books ("preggo" and "family photo shoot") are the best of the best from our two sessions: 


pretty impressive, eh? i think dave did a great job and i’m eager to "play" with some of the photos (aka: scrapbook them) after the craft show is over. 


speaking of the craft show, my progress, though slow, appears to be steady. our weekly work nights have helped a lot to keep me motivated and encouraged. it’s hard to believe that we only have 3 more weeks to "work" and then the 4th week is the show! i have a lot to do before then, but the most important things will get done and the rest of my ideas can wait around for another show. i’m still not pressuring myself. 


along with getting ready for the craft show, there are things around the house that have to get done before baby roxy is born. uncle jeff came over today so i could paint the first coat of red on davey’s wall. he played with davey while i painted (such a HUGE help!). he had to leave before i finished, but he had pre-arranged to have uncle tom take over with davey so i could finish and clean up the mess. hopefully i can get the second coat on the wall next week and get that room put back together!


i won’t mind not having all of the room’s decor finished (heck, the nursery still has a huge blank wall!) but i’d like to have the painting finished and the border hung. then my next project will be to pull out roxy’s newborn clothes and get those washed and ready for her arrival. 


the rest of this week is pretty busy, though i do plan to take it easy (as much as i can)… tomorrow i have an OB appointment and on friday i have my court appearance (related to my car accident from a month ago). i’m hoping the judge will grant me a deferral (or deferment) which means i pay the fine in full, but they hold the ticket information for a year. if i don’t get another ticket in the coming year, then this one never makes it on my record (though my check does get cashed). i’m hoping my large pregnant belly will make the judge feel a little extra sympathy for me!  :)   i’ll keep you posted about the results.


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