is it possible

 i’m just wondering if it’s possible for davey to have another ear infection already? 


he had a cold. it included a double ear infection. he went on antibiotics for 9 days… which ended a week ago. so he’s been off the antibiotics for a week. he has another cold (a new one) and i’m afraid he might have another ear infection (likely a double).


i’m wondering if this is even possible after being off the antibiotics for only a week?



3 thoughts on “is it possible

  1. Yup. Been there, done that. Sometimes they don’t fully clear after one course of ATBs. Markus often had to have two courses. How many infections has the little man had? Markus had 6 in four months- that’s when they decided to do the tubes. Poor little guy!

  2. I concur with the others. Nate had this, not with ear infections, but sinus infections. Bummer for you guys and Davey. I still maintain, also, that teething is connected to ear infections, although I have yet to find a doc that will validate my suspicion. :) So if Davey is, or has recently been, teething, that may be contributing, and hopefully the ear infections are a short-lived phase coinciding with that (this happened with both my boys and our foster baby). Hang in there.

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