a tasty treat

 earlier this week we had spaghetti for dinner. i THINK that’s the night that dave opened up this little gem:

i guess we’ve had it hanging around for awhile and he just now opened it. he let me taste it. i’m not normally a wine fan…. ESPECIALLY not a red wine fan. but this was a sweet, juicy, tasty treat. i was SOOOOOOOO TEMPTED to sneak an entire glass for myself. roxy – i hope you appreciate what i gave up for you that night! i’m definitely looking forward to having an entire glass of this stuff sometime "in the future." until then, i’ll just dream of it’s yummy goodness!


(davey update: he slept for 11.5 hours last night. guess the antibiotics and tylenol and humidifier did the trick to get him sleeping through the night! right now he’s in the tub enjoying himself immensely. he LOVES bath time! he’s still coughing a lot and leaving snot EVERYWHERE (and he HATES it when you wipe his nose – and don’t even get me started on the battle the aspirator brings!), but he seems to be feeling better, though still not 100% himself. he’s very needy and a bit whiney still, but that also comes with a need for him to have about 1000 cuddles a day…. which i dole out as often as i can!)

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