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it’s the end of september

remember how i told you that davey likes to talk to his nana (her photo)? well, last week he decided it was time to give her some love, too…. 

he doesn’t understand "hugs" or "kisses" yet, but he’s very clearly giving nana some love here!


and this morning, i "caught" him walking around the bonus room with one hand holding his bottle and his other hand behind his back. and when he turned around so i could SEE his back, i saw that his four little fingers were down his back… meaning down the back of his shorts and his diaper. WHERE DOES HE LEARN THIS STUFF?!


it’s shaping up to be another GORGEOUS day here (aka: sunny and warm) so i’m sure we’ll play outside this afternoon. i might even get to finish sanding some boxes (while sitting down!) for some craft show projects. right now davey is down for a nap and i’m sitting on the couch resting. 


EDITED TO ADD: got a call from dr. tu’s office at 2:15 today – they confirmed for me that my "no news is good news" theory is true. my FFN test was negative. no bed rest (yet)! AND davey took a 2.5 hour nap so i took a 45-60 minute nap myself! hopefully we’ll have a grand afternoon even though it’s not as sunny or as warm as was forecasted. 

no news

no call from dr. tu’s office today, so we’ll assume that "no news is good news" on the fetal-fibronectin test (and good news is a negative test b/c that means no bed rest)!


i had contemplated not attending play group today b/c we were going to a park in bellingham (and i thought it might be "too much" for me to chase davey around a park), but when the weather report called for a sunny and warm (as in 75 degrees) day, i knew i couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit boulevard park (which is where dave and i ended our first date almost 7 years ago and where we got engaged 6 years ago)! and i know i made the right decision. my friends are AWESOME. they chased davey the few times it was necessary. sara carried him up and down the stairs when we walked on the rocky beach to look for crabs. i have an amazing support system. i’d share photos with you, but i’m currently sitting down with my feet up and i don’t want to go get my camera… so you’ll have to wait a day or two to see photos of today’s adventures.


i do, however, have a photo to share with you. i love to watch davey play with his cars and trucks… he even makes the "vroom vroom" noise… only it involves the "b" sound and a lot of lip action and spit (you can kind of even see his lips in mid "bbbbb" in this photo)!


 and unrelated to anything above:

i’ve been tagged!

my friend renee tagged me last week. i think i’ve been tagged before, but hopefully i’ll share some different random facts/stories with you this time, so here goes:

  1. 1. I have always loved grapes… but I hate grape-flavored candy and medicine. (Dave eats some of my grape/purple candy… the rest of it goes in the garbage).
  2. 2. I started making cards as a way to use up the paper scraps from scrapbooking.
  3. 3. Dave thinks I missed my true calling in life – to be a veterinarian.
  4. 4. I LOVE the water – i LOVE swimming, but the ocean freaks me out. I think it goes back to a trip to the NJ shore when I was in 5th grade and the beach was literally COVERED with jelly fish…. F-R-E-A-K-E-D me OUT! (By the way – I still remember my bathing suit from that adventure. It was a yellow color with black dots/blobs on it…. I kinda looked like a bumble bee)!
  5. 5. I was a Psychology major in college…. even graduated cum laude, but I know (or remember) pretty much NOTHING about psychology, it’s history, the founders, the big names, their theories, etc.
  6. 6. I was going to sing "New York New York" with a friend in a talent show when I was in 2nd grade. We spent weeks listening to the song (using big head phones and a record player) during free time in class but the teacher finally said I couldn’t do the duet because I had a horrible voice. I think I’ve been scarred ever since. 
  7. 7. I’m one of the few Americans who does NOT like baseball, apple pie or mashed potatoes. Crazy, I know. But that’s me. 


So do you feel like you know me a little better now? I hope so. And even though some of these people have been tagged before, I’ve got to spread the love… so it’s time for MICHELLE, JULIE, KELSEY, KIM, ELIZABETH, DAVE and MEGAN to share a little of themselves with me/us!



zuanich point park

today was a BEAUTIFUL day. absolutely beautiful! it was warm and sunny so after church and davey’s nap (and my nap!), we headed into bellingham because dave had to reboot a server. thankfully it only took him 5 minutes to reboot the server and that solved the problem, so we were all able to go to the park right next to fibercloud. davey wasn’t interested in the playground area (other than playing with the bark), but he did enjoy walking on the path around the Zuanich Point Park, which is located along bellingham bay.


  (an awful family photo, i know)


something that davey has started to do in the past week or two is to place his hands behind his back when he walks. i don’t know why he does it. or where he learned it. and he doesn’t always do it. but for some reason, i find it really funny…


sometimes i really wonder what’s going on in his mind… doesn’t he look a little like a college professor or a philospher who’s out for a walk, contemplating the meaning of life?


and this photo makes me laugh, too. once again, WHAT is going on inside his brain? this photo also makes me sad… because for some reason, i think he looks like a very BIG BOY in this photo. grown up. wondering what’s going on…. or weighing two options against each other…


dave and davey were checking out a statue of a fisherman… it’s actually a memorial to the many fishermen who have lost their lives at sea trying to put dinner on the table for their families. 


after the park, we ran a quick errand for tam’s treasure box (got a few more projects to work on before the craft show) and then we went to red robin for dinner. 


davey was a really good kid all day today. he’s definitely growing up. the three of us had a wonderful day enjoying the weather and each other’s company… i can only wonder how many days or weeks we have remaining where our family will be just the three of us. so crazy to know that our family will grow by one precious baby girl in just a short time!



because of them

so my amazing in-laws came over yesterday to make me rest. or at least sit down. and my father-in-law painted the FOURTH coat of red on the walls in davey’s big boy room (fourth and FINAL coat)… looks GOOD, dad! and my mother-in-law did my laundry AND cleaned two of my bathrooms… and they BOTH watched and played with davey when he woke up from his nap. 


because of their generosity with their time and energy, i was able to spend a number of hours working on some all-occasion gift tag tins for the craft show. they are 99% finished (21 of the 24 sets i had to make). and then today, he took a LONG nap and dave and i were able to spend some time together just chillin’ and THEN i was able to finish the final details on 24 calendars, 12 gift card tins and a few other odds and ends (like pricing all the calendars i’ve made thus far – 54 to be exact!). 


so i’ve been productive for the craft show, while still taking it easy. the good thing about craft show projects is they mostly involve me SITTING DOWN…. can’t get much more restful than that! 


tonight or tomorrow dave and i might try to put up the checkered border on davey’s wall and then we’ll be able to move the furniture back into place and get his room all set-up for the TRANSITION. it’ll be interesting to see how he responds to that. i have no idea how he’ll do. hopefully, well!  :)


and since a post (especially a boring update one like this) just isn’t as cool without any photos, here’s a photo of davey caring nana (in photo form) around the house. he LOVES to play with her photo and tell her stories. we only wish we knew what he was saying!


so happy saturday to all of you. we’re on our way over to tim & carrilee’s house…. dave has to test some equipment and davey and i will just hang out with carrilee, henry and sweet baby jorja!

roxy update

 after an hour delay, i FINALLY got to see dr. tu today. i did call on my way into the office, so i was able to run errands instead of sit in the office waiting all that time.


when they found out about my fall at mcdonalds a week and a half ago, they wanted to document that in my chart and get an ultrasound. unfortunately, i didn’t get to really see sweet roxy… just her head and skull. dr. tu said roxy is measuring in the 50th percentile. so that’s good. dr. tu also measured my cervix – which is shrinking slightly (but dr tu said she would expect that at 32 weeks). and she took another sample of my fetal fibronectins and we’ll have the results in a day or two. 


please PRAY that my test (fetal fibronectins) is NEGATIVE…. because if it’s positive, i’ll be put on bed rest. and for those of you who know me, i would go STIR CRAZY if i were on bed rest. 


dr. tu did tell me that she’d like me to try to cut back on my activity some more. i’m pretty shocked because i don’t know what else i could stop doing. i really do sit down and rest A LOT during the day. what more can i do? the laundry still has to get done. dinner still has to be made (or purchased). davey still needs me to pick him up. hold him. love him. play with him. change his diaper.


so i’m frustrated that i have to figure out some way to do less but still keep my household functioning. trust me when i tell you that my house cleaning has gone the way of the wild west (especially in the past few months). and the very thought of bed rest sends me to tears (literally – my eyes well up). at the same time, i know that dr. tu is just doing what’s best for roxy. she wants roxy to stay in until 37 weeks. i’d prefer 38 weeks. so i’ll follow her recommendations, but i have to be honest and say that the possibility of bed rest really makes me STRESSED.


but for what it’s worth, there’s my OB update. thanks for your prayers – i (we) would really appreciate them. 


 this is what happens when you try to fight naptime with mama….


…you fall asleep sitting upright in the corner of your crib after crying for awhile. 


poor little guy. i knew he was tired. he just hasn’t had an early nap since saturday, so he fought this nap with all his energy. thankfully, his energy ran out before my patience! so now i’m hoping to have 2 hours (or more?) of *me* time (aka: naptime, rest time, laundry time, lunch time, etc.).


oh yeah – dr. tu was in an emergency surgery yesterday so i didn’t get to see her… hopefully tomorrow. i know you’re all just waiting like crazy for an update on baby roxy!

how many coats

how many coats of red does it take to get an EVEN look on davey’s wall? the answer is pending. so far, i’ve painted one coat of tinted primer. and two coats of red paint. here’s a look after painting one coat:


pretty blotchy and gross. learn from my mistake: olympic paint is NOT user-friendly. ugh. here’s a peek after painting coat #2 of red:


and on wednesday i’ll be applying coat #3 of red (because uncle jeff plans to hang out with the doodle again)…. hopefully that will be the FINAL coat of paint required. and then i can put the room back together. and find things again. and get all the stuff out of the hallway. but i’m not holding my breath. but i REALLY WANT the third coat of red paint to be the LAST coat i have to paint for awhile.


in other news, roxy’s pre-made baby album is almost finished. some of you may recall that i was IN LABOR (unknowingly) while i was trying to work on davey’s album. so his pre-made album actually had to be finished AFTER he was born – and THAT was a challenge! i’ve been feeling pretty uncomfortable lately, but i’m still praying that baby roxy will stay INSIDE for 6 more weeks. i see dr. tu tomorrow before going to work at the store so hopefully i’ll have a baby update for you soon.

is it possible

 i’m just wondering if it’s possible for davey to have another ear infection already? 


he had a cold. it included a double ear infection. he went on antibiotics for 9 days… which ended a week ago. so he’s been off the antibiotics for a week. he has another cold (a new one) and i’m afraid he might have another ear infection (likely a double).


i’m wondering if this is even possible after being off the antibiotics for only a week?



pink & brown happiness

 wanna see some things that have been making me happy lately? even if i warn you some of them might provide a little "too much information?!" okay. here goes:

i bought some of these when i was out shopping with the girls a month or two ago…. 

and i liked them so much, that i drove out to the birch bay outlets two weeks later to buy some more (perhaps some of the ones in this photo)! 


and about a week or two ago i was walking through walmart to the back corner where they have all the baby stuff and these happened to catch my eye before i made it back to the baby items:

i have this minor "obsession" with owls right now, especially when related to scrapbook supplies. but then you add in the pink and brown and the stripes…. i had to own these babies!  :)


but now, so my husband and father-in-law will no longer be embarrassed at seeing my underwear posted on the internet for all to see, here are some OTHER, non-underwear items, in pink and brown that are currently making me VERY HAPPY:

these pretty pink & brown ribbons tied up all the beautiful items in my basket of goodies for roxy provided by the beautiful TOM girls at my shower last sunday night.


here’s a look at the basket with some DARLING clothing inside:


i LOVE the dress and blanket with apples on them and thought you needed a close up photo to see the apples a little better!


here’s the cute teddy bear, miss carly’s favorite dress (i love this sweet thing…  now to find light pink ruffle bottom tights to go with it…..) and the cute top (size 24 months) miss lisa picked out (she wasn’t aware of the pink & brown theme carly had planned):



and these precious goodies:


it’s a set of 5 white onesies with cute pictures and phrases created by the beautiful and talented miss carly. little princess. future tom girl. don’t wake me…. i’ll wake you. sweet girl. and little chick. and see those cute booties, moccasins/slippers and the striped hat?


here’s a link to julie’s blog post where she provided some of her photos of the goodies.


miss carly, you did an AMAZING JOB picking out, designing and filling the cute wire basket with the perfect items for my darling baby roxy to wear. i almost cried as i looked through each item in the basket. i LOVE everything that was in there and i know roxy will be the BEST DRESSED baby girl ever…. the TOM girls and nana are making sure of that!  :)


thank you, wonderful TOM girls, for making roxy and i feel loved. and special. she is eager to meet you… but let’s hope she stays inside for about 7 or 8 more weeks, okay?!  :)


photos by dave

rather than taking the time required to go to the other computer, export and upload the photos that dave took during our recent photo shoots, here’s a link to his picasa web album… the first two books ("preggo" and "family photo shoot") are the best of the best from our two sessions: 


pretty impressive, eh? i think dave did a great job and i’m eager to "play" with some of the photos (aka: scrapbook them) after the craft show is over. 


speaking of the craft show, my progress, though slow, appears to be steady. our weekly work nights have helped a lot to keep me motivated and encouraged. it’s hard to believe that we only have 3 more weeks to "work" and then the 4th week is the show! i have a lot to do before then, but the most important things will get done and the rest of my ideas can wait around for another show. i’m still not pressuring myself. 


along with getting ready for the craft show, there are things around the house that have to get done before baby roxy is born. uncle jeff came over today so i could paint the first coat of red on davey’s wall. he played with davey while i painted (such a HUGE help!). he had to leave before i finished, but he had pre-arranged to have uncle tom take over with davey so i could finish and clean up the mess. hopefully i can get the second coat on the wall next week and get that room put back together!


i won’t mind not having all of the room’s decor finished (heck, the nursery still has a huge blank wall!) but i’d like to have the painting finished and the border hung. then my next project will be to pull out roxy’s newborn clothes and get those washed and ready for her arrival. 


the rest of this week is pretty busy, though i do plan to take it easy (as much as i can)… tomorrow i have an OB appointment and on friday i have my court appearance (related to my car accident from a month ago). i’m hoping the judge will grant me a deferral (or deferment) which means i pay the fine in full, but they hold the ticket information for a year. if i don’t get another ticket in the coming year, then this one never makes it on my record (though my check does get cashed). i’m hoping my large pregnant belly will make the judge feel a little extra sympathy for me!  :)   i’ll keep you posted about the results.