friday: august 8th


last night, uncle tom came over and mowed our lawn. sweet guy. he even pulled some weeds! the boys all found a small frog and, apparently, davey was CRACKING UP watching the frog jump. by the time i was aware of what was going on, however, the laughing had ceased. sigh. i had even grabbed the video camera! oh well.




dave would pick up the frog to let davey touch it or pick it up and then davey would drop it onto the (long) grass and watch it jump. davey had no fear of the frog… when dave held it out, davey would simply grab it. we were impressed with how gentle davey was with the frog… no squishing-intervention was required!




and in "honor" of today’s date (08.08.08) and julie’s blog post today, here are my 8 favorite things at the moment:

1. Dave. my amazing husband. he’s not perfect (neither am i), but he’s wonderful. I love you!

2. Davey. this little guy, even when he frustrates me, still lights up my life. 

3. Roxy. i look forward to meeting this little girl in just a few months.

4. Girls’ Day (tomorrow)…. just us "girls." no kids. the alderwood mall and maybe the seattle premium outlets. 

5. Scrapbooking – i’ve been doing a LOT lately.

6. HGTV… i’m a bit addicted.

7. Warm, sunny weather (like yesterday – not like today)

8. Bargain shopping. whether it be great sales. or craigslist. or yard/garage sales. i love a good deal!

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