today is saturday the 9th of august. today i get to go on a girls’ day with my friends. girls only. no kids. no husbands. just girls. we’re going to the alderwood mall. maybe to the seattle premium outlets. i might get a mini make-up make-over since i can’t really buy clothing (sigh!). 


dave worked LATE last night ‘cuz he got a project that’s due on tuesday. he’s excited to be able to prove himself at this new job (which he still likes). when he got home well after 9 last night, he said yesterday was a good day. i LOVE hearing that from him. since he worked late, i got to watch a movie (P.S. I Love You) and some of the Olympics Opening Ceremony. before going to bed last night, i counted the layouts i’ve done this week alone….. 17. seriously. Seventeen one-page layouts. i LOVE having my scrap space and davey’s play room in the SAME space… it’s wonderful! not to mention the TV and DVD player, too! i don’t think there’s hope of me being "caught up" by the time Roxy is born, but i DO think there’s hope of me not being so far behind on davey’s photos when she’s born!  :)


how about a random photo of uncle tom whistling through a piece of grass as davey watches for today’s photo?


but now i must get a move-on if I don’t want to be late for girls’ day!!!

2 thoughts on “today

  1. I cannot tell you how jealous I am that you are getting to spend so much time in your scrap room now that davey can play nearby! I have not gotten to scrap in AGES, especially now that Ellie doesn’t take naps. I had a great setup with the baby gate in the doorway between her playroom and my scrap room, but she yanked it out of the doorway and broke it! Split the wood and everything… yeah, she’s strong! So, alas… no scrapping for me!! Enjoy it while you can and finish a few pages for me! (Well, not actually for me, just on my behalf since I can’t…) =D

    We miss you guys and wish we could see you!!

  2. so glad you had a fun girls day tam! you are looking so cute all preggers! it seems like just yesterday you were posting preggers pics of you with davey!
    oh – i fixed my blog roll so your blogs are finally able to be updated on my page – yay! :)

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