random tuesday

 tuesday: august 5th


 remember my "i love garage sales" post? this is the trike i found for $1. yep. $1. it has a little bit of rust but otherwise, it’s in great condition. it’s for davey to play with at grandpa & grandma’s house. when he first got on it (like in this photo) he thought…. hmmmm… maybe this thing is cool. but then he was doing his usual "inspection" of a new toy (which means poking at little holes and screws and things with his pointer finger) and he leaned too far forward and to the right and toppled over. for the next 24 hours, he would CRY if you even walked him NEAR the trike! poor kid. that topple must’ve been pretty traumatic! yesterday, though, grandma got him to sit on it and look happy, so maybe there’s hope for that $1 i spent afterall!


nothing much today. we’ll head into town to see my OB and have lunch with dave. likely a few errands, too, so i can "conserve" on gas and not have to drive back into town later this week to run errands.


i am quite tired still. i’m sure it has something to do with davey’s late nights (falling asleep around 10) and his early mornings (waking up at 6:30). seriously…. this kid has GOT to need more sleep than he’s getting. i know i do! so far, one vs. two naps hasn’t made a difference in his nighttime sleeping habits. my friends are trying to be encouraging and supportive in assuring me that "this too shall pass" and i WILL like my days so much more once he’s taking only one nap…. because he’ll sleep better (for naptime AND at night). i believe them in the mornings, but by the time evening comes along, i’m not so sure!  :)


i’m hoping that we find that happy balance soon… i’m pretty darn crabby each evening (by the time dave gets home from work) and i know it’s not fair to him to have a crabby wife for the few hours that he’s home (and awake) each night. 

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