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 saturday: august 23rd


so even though davey is OVER 13 months old already, we STILL haven’t taken his 12-month photo with the elephant! i tried to snap a few photos yesterday, but this is how well it went:



he wasn’t too cooperative. i guess dave and i need to work together for all future photo sessions involving davey!


as for baby roxy, she’s doing pretty well. moving a lot and giving me insomnia. hopefully this will pass soon, as i’m pretty darn tired each day from not sleeping much the night before. i don’t remember experiencing this when i was pregnant with davey, but i know some of my friends experienced insomnia with their pregnancies, so i guess it’s not unusual. i’ll be 28 weeks pregnant on monday… i like the sound of 28 weeks…. sounds like i have a lot longer to go (as opposed to saying i’m 7 months pregnant…. now THAT sounds scary!)!

4 thoughts on “no photo yet

  1. I had insomnia with Jacob. Warm baths with aroma therapy candles helped me a little. I got to the point where they let me take benadryl or tylnol PM so ask about that if it gets bad. Good luck!

  2. Mia moved SO much in utero too…. I think much more than Nolan did. And she’s so chill, so relaxed and such a good baby (not to mention I’m so much more relaxed the 2nd time around) – may you be blessed with a chilaxed 2nd baby as well! Davey is adorable…. hope you’re feeling well!!!

  3. I had insomnia with all three. I can attest that it is not fun! I would wake up for a few hours a couple nights a week throughout the pregnancy. I tried to tell myself it was my body preparing itself for sleepless nights, but that wasn’t too comforting. Hope yours eases soon!

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