wednesday: august 13th 2008


three years ago, these photos were taken: 



hard to believe that was ONLY three years ago when dave and i journeyed to block island, rhode island, to vacation with my family. it was a fun week filled with sleeping in (for us, at least), sunshine, water, sand and lots and lots of laughter.


hard to believe that my oldest niece is now 17 and will be a SENIOR in high school this year. kate is almost 14 and wendy (always "the baby") is already 9 years old (she was born 2-1/2 months before i moved to washington)!!! 


i just wanted to share this trip down memory lane because i miss my family today. i wish i could see them more often. love you guys!


(and notice dave’s short hair? i love his hair short. i also love his hair like it is now – much longer and a curly "afro." i can’t say which is my favorite ‘cuz i really don’t know!)

2 thoughts on “missing…

  1. I was just talking with my sister today about preparing for the liklihood of our kids living far away in their adulthood. It’ll be a lot different than the kind of accessibility we’re used to within our family currently. Reading your entry confirmed with me yet again how blessed I am to have so much of our families so close by.

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