grandma time

 wednesday: august 27th


so while i was at the store yesterday, davey spent some quality time with grandma. i’ve been so blessed to have free baby sitting every time i work at the store…. 99% of the time it has been with grandma and she LOVES to shower davey with attention. however, davey never seems to nap well at her house. i think he’s only slept longer than an hour for her ONCE in a year of babysitting. that’s seriously crazy. so yesterday, she came to our house so he could nap in his own bed…. apparently that worked b/c he took at THREE HOUR NAP for her! guess i should’ve found some ironing or cleaning for her to do while she was here! (though i’m glad she was able to simply sit down and enjoy some HGTV programming)!


the following photos are courtesy of grandpa…. apparently davey LOVED eating spaghetti (with a different noodle shape other than spaghetti) at their house….



it’s photos like this… seeing his pure joy and those grins (and those eyes!)… that make my heart melt even though he’s COVERED in spaghetti (though i’m sure glad i didn’t have to clean him up after that mess)! i’m so fortunate to be this kid’s mama!


oh, and that first photo with his hands up on his head…. he does that a lot. especially when he’s tired. he’ll reach up and pull his hair. or hit himself on the head. he’s a funny kid. 

2 thoughts on “grandma time

  1. Yes, we did have a great day together! Watching hgtv was also fun. I could probably do a little ironing “while” watching hgtv!
    Make sure Dave tells you the diaper changing story if he hasn’t already.

  2. So did Grandma have to throw Davey in the tub after this? :) Looking at Davey’s most recent pics, I keep thinking something has changed…he looks more grown-up somehow…maybe it’s that mouthful of TEETH. What a cutie! Thinking of Davey’s “head” habit; I always knew my boys were tired when their ears would turn bright red. I’ll have to dig out a picture sometime to show you. :)

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