errand day

 tuesday: august 19th


today was errand-running day. yep. davey did AWESOME (way better than i thought he would)… we went to walmart, michaels, costco and the dollar tree. i got some goodies to alter for the craft show in 6 weeks. i also picked up my 300+ prints. seriously. over 300 photos. insane. now i have to go through them all and organize them…. and eventually scrap them. sigh. there’s no way i’ll EVER be "caught up" on davey’s first year before baby roxy is born…. but i’m okay with that. 


speaking of baby roxy, guess what i bought her today? 6 binkies for $3. seriously. those suckers (ha ha – pun not intended) are usually pretty darn pricey, but i found some at the dollar tree (2 for $1). since they seem to disappear in our home, i thought i’d start with 3 packages for roxy (i’m assuming she’ll use them…. but i know it’s possible she won’t). another fun thing about baby roxy is i feel her moving all the time. she’s a mover… moreso than davey was, i think. so far, however, i don’t think she’s a kicker. davey wasn’t a kicker… he was a stretcher/pusher but NOT a kicker. for which i was very thankful!  :)   


but i can’t procrastinate any longer…. davey is napping and i need to go get busy making some items for the craft show…. it’ll be here before i (we) know it!

2 thoughts on “errand day

  1. It’s still hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that you’ve got a bun in the oven. Isn’t it fun to see the differences between kids, even in utero? Each of mine was definitely different. Cami was a kicker, Sean a roller, and Nate a stretcher. And, whaddya know; they’re all still absolutely and totally different from one another. No two are even close to similar personalities. Can’t wait to see what your little miss Roxy’s personality is like!

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