sunday: august 24th


so yesterday was a nice, relaxing day at home for dave, davey and i. we were able to enjoy our morning and afternoon together – davey played well in the bonus room while i worked on craft projects and dave worked on his laptop. davey is a real trip…. he just walks fast (he’s almost running) from one end of the room to the other and back again. he’s been babbling like crazy for the last few days – pretty much non-stop. i really wish i knew what he was saying! sometimes he’s talking to his toys and other times he’s talking to us. he loves to hand you toys and food and then take them back (immediately) with a HUGE GRIN on his face. he is such a delight to us!


in the evening, i had a class at Treasury (it was SOOO MUCH FUN, E!) so i headed into town early to run some errands (anyone else get adult jeans for $12 a pair at old navy at their one-day sale? i bought 3 pairs to wear after all my roxy weight disappears – about 6 or 7 months from now!)! while i was in line at kohl’s buying a set of sheets for davey’s big boy bed (only $8!!!), dave called to tell me a quick story. dave and davey walked down the block to get the mail. on the way back to the house, dave stopped in the yard to pull some clover. when he turned around, davey was up on the porch. that means he somehow climbed the three agregate steps (no railing) to get onto the porch (that has no railing)… and we both missed it!


davey never ceases to amaze me! he has almost no experience with stairs or steps (there’s one shallow step down into our bonus room and he goes up and down that one all the time) and yet he managed to get himself up THREE AGREGATE STEPS all by himself. what a kid! it’s really funny because in the past two weeks i don’t even know how many times i’ve told people that davey doesn’t seem to have any interest in the stairs! we have an entire flight in our home and i almost never block them off when we’re downstairs because he just walks over to that area, looks at the stairs and then turns around to run around the rest of the house. 


so davey reached yet another milestone this week. his 8th tooth. climbing stairs. saying "mom" (at playgroup on monday – i have witnesses! – though he hasn’t said it again!). what’s next?

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