busy weekend

sunday: august 3rd…


wow! where has the weekend gone? sorry, no photos this post (i’m too lazy to get up and get my camera). on friday night, dave and i stayed home (as usual) and watched a movie from netflix…. the other boelyn girl. interesting movie. quite depressing, though.


on saturday, we had dave’s company picnic (for logos) and we had a GREAT time! we both agree(d) that it was probably one of the best company functions we’ve ever attended…. and dave’s only been there for 3 weeks! crazy. it was out at hovander park (we never did make it over to the petting farm area for davey to see the animals) and it was very family-friendly/oriented. they had a giant bbq of catered food and an ice cream cart (which came in handy b/c the day was way nicer than the forecast declared) and a kettle corn cart (not my personal favorite, but quite a hit with a number of people).


after the picnic, we made a quick stop in bellingham to pick up a birthday present and then headed home to have our friends over for dinner (thanks again for coming, dan, heidi & savannah)! heidi is due in late october, so it was fun to have another tired, pregnant friend around for a few hours!  :)   


today was church (which, for the month of august, starts one hour EARLIER for us b/c we’re doing a month of no sunday school to give volunteers and helpers a break) and even though we started church an hour earlier, we only left the church parking lot about 15 minutes earlier than we normally would! yep. long service (though a REALLY good sermon based on Philippians 4:4) and a bit more "visiting" afterwards than usual. 


we then headed to dad & mom’s house to have a birthday lunch to celebrate Jeff and Dave’s birthdays (July 24 and 28, respectively). lunch was followed by dessert (both guys chose peanut butter pie as their dessert of choice) and then we all ended up hanging out in the backyard in the grass.


it was a great weekend, though i must admit i am VERY tired. i didn’t sleep well last night and davey woke me up at 6:30 and i have NOT had a nap today….. though i really needed one. is it normal to be this tired at 25 weeks? i feel like i’m exhausted all the time. i go to the OB again this week, so i’ll ask them about my iron levels again – i may need a boost in my iron intake, i suppose. or maybe it is normal to be this tired when you’re chasing around after a 12-month old!  :)  


hope your weekend was as fun as ours. this week (per the weather forecasts) is supposed to be SUNNY and WARM (the complete opposite of last week), so here’s to looking forward to a week of outdoor fun & adventures (hopefully)!

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