and so it continues…

 tuesday: august 26th


(davey fell asleep while eating lunch at grandpa & grandma’s house on sunday).


davey’s climbing streak continues. on sunday afternoon, he climbed our entire flight of stairs by himself. twice. in a row. and then once again before going to bed. and last night, when we all came downstairs for dinner, dave and i were in the kitchen when dave went to check on davey. he was on the 4th step already. dave had to gate off the steps and davey pitched a little fit. 


when davey pitches a fit, it’s kind of funny (for now). he starts wandering around in circles, jabbering like crazy (he sounds like a martian), shaking his head "no"…. all the while, his hands are balled up in frustration. thankfully these fits are usually very short-lived. this morning, he got in trouble for getting into my nightstand drawer. he got upset, wandered in circles, shaking his head and making the "nnnn" sound until he finally said "no" a few times. it does make me laugh even though it’s a result of him being naughty!


i get to work at the store today. i love the days when i get to work…. being surrounded by fun people, fun stuff (i LOVE pretty paper!) and a day away from "mommy" responsibilities. 


and with that said, i hear my child fussing upstairs… guess he wasn’t ready for an nap yet afterall!

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