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and down we go…

 thursday: august 28th


i’ve been pretty bad about using my camera lately and right now i’m too lazy to go into the office to pull off the photos dave took of davey last night, so here’s a not-so-good photo from last week when we went to get the mail in the POURING RAIN:

(i love his squished up cheeks!)


apparently, davey has taken to doing things while i’m out. he taught himself how to climb UP the stairs on saturday evening and tuesday evening (i was out both nights). i happened to be out again last night and guess who taught himself how to go DOWN the stairs? yep. the one and only amazing davey. the child seriously boggles my mind! i guess he went up and down and up and down and up and down for about 40 minutes last night before finally going to bed. he went up and down and up and down and up and down again tonight until i got tired of sitting on the stairs with him!


yesterday and today he’s been quite a bit more cranky than usual. he’s only had one nap each day – barely two hours yesterday and not even two hours today. i’m sure that has something to do with it… though i think he’s also working on his 12-month molars (i haven’t felt or seen anything yet). remember his cute little "fits" that i’ve explained to you in the past week? yeah… today they weren’t so cute. i’m already tired of hearing him jabber "na-na" or "no-no" over and over again all day long. would someone please tell me that this phase (i’m hoping that’s what it is) will pass quickly?!


on a brighter note, davey and i had a play/work date today. anna, linda and i worked on some projects at linda’s house while the SEVEN kids played together. it was noisy and chaotic, but i think all three of us moms completed something (or at least made some good progress) and i know it was good for davey and i to get out of the house (it’s been pretty rainy and cold all week). once i finish the current stack of little albums i’m making, i PROMISE to take photos of my completed craft fair projects so you can catch a glimpse of what’s been occupying so much of my time and energy lately. i’m hoping (if davey cooperates) to complete my "in-progress projects" tomorrow… i REALLY need to focus on some Christmas cards (for the show)!

grandma time

 wednesday: august 27th


so while i was at the store yesterday, davey spent some quality time with grandma. i’ve been so blessed to have free baby sitting every time i work at the store…. 99% of the time it has been with grandma and she LOVES to shower davey with attention. however, davey never seems to nap well at her house. i think he’s only slept longer than an hour for her ONCE in a year of babysitting. that’s seriously crazy. so yesterday, she came to our house so he could nap in his own bed…. apparently that worked b/c he took at THREE HOUR NAP for her! guess i should’ve found some ironing or cleaning for her to do while she was here! (though i’m glad she was able to simply sit down and enjoy some HGTV programming)!


the following photos are courtesy of grandpa…. apparently davey LOVED eating spaghetti (with a different noodle shape other than spaghetti) at their house….



it’s photos like this… seeing his pure joy and those grins (and those eyes!)… that make my heart melt even though he’s COVERED in spaghetti (though i’m sure glad i didn’t have to clean him up after that mess)! i’m so fortunate to be this kid’s mama!


oh, and that first photo with his hands up on his head…. he does that a lot. especially when he’s tired. he’ll reach up and pull his hair. or hit himself on the head. he’s a funny kid. 

and so it continues…

 tuesday: august 26th


(davey fell asleep while eating lunch at grandpa & grandma’s house on sunday).


davey’s climbing streak continues. on sunday afternoon, he climbed our entire flight of stairs by himself. twice. in a row. and then once again before going to bed. and last night, when we all came downstairs for dinner, dave and i were in the kitchen when dave went to check on davey. he was on the 4th step already. dave had to gate off the steps and davey pitched a little fit. 


when davey pitches a fit, it’s kind of funny (for now). he starts wandering around in circles, jabbering like crazy (he sounds like a martian), shaking his head "no"…. all the while, his hands are balled up in frustration. thankfully these fits are usually very short-lived. this morning, he got in trouble for getting into my nightstand drawer. he got upset, wandered in circles, shaking his head and making the "nnnn" sound until he finally said "no" a few times. it does make me laugh even though it’s a result of him being naughty!


i get to work at the store today. i love the days when i get to work…. being surrounded by fun people, fun stuff (i LOVE pretty paper!) and a day away from "mommy" responsibilities. 


and with that said, i hear my child fussing upstairs… guess he wasn’t ready for an nap yet afterall!


 sunday: august 24th


so yesterday was a nice, relaxing day at home for dave, davey and i. we were able to enjoy our morning and afternoon together – davey played well in the bonus room while i worked on craft projects and dave worked on his laptop. davey is a real trip…. he just walks fast (he’s almost running) from one end of the room to the other and back again. he’s been babbling like crazy for the last few days – pretty much non-stop. i really wish i knew what he was saying! sometimes he’s talking to his toys and other times he’s talking to us. he loves to hand you toys and food and then take them back (immediately) with a HUGE GRIN on his face. he is such a delight to us!


in the evening, i had a class at Treasury (it was SOOO MUCH FUN, E!) so i headed into town early to run some errands (anyone else get adult jeans for $12 a pair at old navy at their one-day sale? i bought 3 pairs to wear after all my roxy weight disappears – about 6 or 7 months from now!)! while i was in line at kohl’s buying a set of sheets for davey’s big boy bed (only $8!!!), dave called to tell me a quick story. dave and davey walked down the block to get the mail. on the way back to the house, dave stopped in the yard to pull some clover. when he turned around, davey was up on the porch. that means he somehow climbed the three agregate steps (no railing) to get onto the porch (that has no railing)… and we both missed it!


davey never ceases to amaze me! he has almost no experience with stairs or steps (there’s one shallow step down into our bonus room and he goes up and down that one all the time) and yet he managed to get himself up THREE AGREGATE STEPS all by himself. what a kid! it’s really funny because in the past two weeks i don’t even know how many times i’ve told people that davey doesn’t seem to have any interest in the stairs! we have an entire flight in our home and i almost never block them off when we’re downstairs because he just walks over to that area, looks at the stairs and then turns around to run around the rest of the house. 


so davey reached yet another milestone this week. his 8th tooth. climbing stairs. saying "mom" (at playgroup on monday – i have witnesses! – though he hasn’t said it again!). what’s next?

no photo yet

 saturday: august 23rd


so even though davey is OVER 13 months old already, we STILL haven’t taken his 12-month photo with the elephant! i tried to snap a few photos yesterday, but this is how well it went:



he wasn’t too cooperative. i guess dave and i need to work together for all future photo sessions involving davey!


as for baby roxy, she’s doing pretty well. moving a lot and giving me insomnia. hopefully this will pass soon, as i’m pretty darn tired each day from not sleeping much the night before. i don’t remember experiencing this when i was pregnant with davey, but i know some of my friends experienced insomnia with their pregnancies, so i guess it’s not unusual. i’ll be 28 weeks pregnant on monday… i like the sound of 28 weeks…. sounds like i have a lot longer to go (as opposed to saying i’m 7 months pregnant…. now THAT sounds scary!)!


 friday: august 22



(photos from this morning’s bathtime… he LOVED his bath this morning. he did NOT want to get out… kept looking the other way when i’d ask "are you ready to get out of the tub?")


it’s been an interesting week here. dave and i have played musical vehicles this week. the pathfinder is still in the shop. dave said when he drove by the shop yesterday it was FINALLY moved out of the spot where the tow truck driver parked it, so hopefully that means they at least looked at the damage. but that means it sat there for half a week…. half a week when parts could have been on order! but i’m still thankful that the accident wasn’t worse… that davey and i are safe… that the other drive and all the other passengers were fine and unharmed… that it was limited to just our two vehicles… but still, it’s frustrating to be without transportation. 


being stuck in the house (it’s been cold and rainy all week) hasn’t been as bad as i might have thought. davey has played pretty well in the bonus room, which has allowed me to get quite a few projects started and/or completed for the antique & craft show. today, however, i’m so tired that i just can’t get myself up to my craft space to keep working!


davey is still ALL OVER the place. he is one BUSY little boy, constantly exploring, searching, seeking and trying out new things. he loves his toys and he loves things that he THINKS are his toys (like cups, ice cream scoops, dish towels, etc.). all his recent fussy-ness finally makes sense… he has TWO new teeth (on the bottom). so he’s up to 8 teeth now (though no sightings of his 12-month molar teeth yet)! earlier this week he was down to one nap a day (only 2 hours long) which made for the added bonus that he was IN BED by 8 p.m. and slept until 7:30 or 8 in the morning! he’s not doing this consistently yet (he still has 2-nap days and some shorter nights) but i think we’re moving in the right direction. i much preferred his routine last sat/sun when he took a 3 to 3-1/2 hour nap and still slept for about 11-12 hours each night. but right now i’ll take what i can get!


and with that, i should stop rambling. i was waiting for fed ex to deliver a package today, but i just checked the tracking information and found out it’s still in UTAH…. so it’s set for delivery on monday. darn! i was looking forward to seeing the latest purchases from nana!


errand day

 tuesday: august 19th


today was errand-running day. yep. davey did AWESOME (way better than i thought he would)… we went to walmart, michaels, costco and the dollar tree. i got some goodies to alter for the craft show in 6 weeks. i also picked up my 300+ prints. seriously. over 300 photos. insane. now i have to go through them all and organize them…. and eventually scrap them. sigh. there’s no way i’ll EVER be "caught up" on davey’s first year before baby roxy is born…. but i’m okay with that. 


speaking of baby roxy, guess what i bought her today? 6 binkies for $3. seriously. those suckers (ha ha – pun not intended) are usually pretty darn pricey, but i found some at the dollar tree (2 for $1). since they seem to disappear in our home, i thought i’d start with 3 packages for roxy (i’m assuming she’ll use them…. but i know it’s possible she won’t). another fun thing about baby roxy is i feel her moving all the time. she’s a mover… moreso than davey was, i think. so far, however, i don’t think she’s a kicker. davey wasn’t a kicker… he was a stretcher/pusher but NOT a kicker. for which i was very thankful!  :)   


but i can’t procrastinate any longer…. davey is napping and i need to go get busy making some items for the craft show…. it’ll be here before i (we) know it!

it’s so hot

 saturday: august 16th, 2008


today was a real SCORCHER! the day started EARLY for dave and davey (if you don’t know, dave gets up with davey every saturday so i can sleep in a bit one day a week – it’s SUCH a HUGE blessing for me!). anyway, their day started at 6:30. ugh. why so early, little boy? i was pretty awake (i almost offered to get up with the peanut, but i refrained) though i did fall in and out of sleep until 9 a.m. that was a sweet treat for me. ahhhh. 


we all chilled in the bonus room for awhile. davey played. dave watched tv and i worked on some stuff for the craft show this fall. after my shower, i cleaned our shower (i won’t even tell you how DISGUSTING it was…. especially since i can’t remember the last time i cleaned it…. seriously!) and when i was done, davey was sound asleep in his daddy’s arms (at 11 a.m.). davey proceeded to sleep until about 2:30 in the afternoon! seriously! i got more crafting done. and i ate lunch. and dave and i were downstairs chilling by the time the wee one woke up.


dave cleaned out davey’s pool and we all headed outside. this little toy is among the best $2 i ever spent (a good bargain found on


he LOVES to push this toy and honk the horn. and today, dave got davey to keep his little legs up so he could push him around the deck. davey seemed to really enjoy that! but do you see how red his little chubby face is? this kid does NOT STOP MOVING and b/c of that, he got REALLY hot in the house. 


so we decided to help him cool off a bit:

he’s still extremely cautious in the pool and we’re not convinced he likes it yet, but it really did help him to cool down. he was much more willing to stay in and play once i put my feet in and showed him some of his toys. he held onto the side of the pool for most of his "water adventure." he did eventually venture from the side of the pool to the center, but he wasn’t really interested in sitting down in the water at all (which surprised me b/c he LOVED sitting in the puddles on the black tarp at anna’s just a few weeks ago). 


dave and i have been on our computers a lot today (i finally got all our photos from 2008 organized on our desktop… and i ordered over 300 photos from costco yesterday!) and we’ve been watching the olympics as much as possible over the last few days. we’re into the michael phelps hype (currently we’re waiting to see if he earns his 8th gold of these olympic games) and today we learned that the trampoline is an olympic sporting event (seriously? yes!). 


and finally, despite the heat today, i did turn on the oven to bake some chocolate chip cookies. dave was really craving an ice cream sandwich. but the kind made with chocolate chip cookies. and the ones at the grocery store are "light" or "low fat" which (to us) means they taste funny… so i whipped out some cookies and made our own ice cream sandwiches. (and dave ate one tonight and was quite satisfied)! sorry, no photos, but super tasty!

so thankful for him

 friday: august 15th


my husband is wonderful. and supportive. he’s not perfect, but he’s always there when i really need him. like today at 3 o’clock when i called to say i was in an accident. and it was my fault. and the pathfinder is not drive-able. he was there in 10 minutes. just like that. and his first concern was if davey, baby and i were okay. unharmed. (we’re all fine). i’ve been blessed with an amazing man. and i’m so thankful. 

today i

 thursday: august 14th, 2008


today i plan to take davey to the fair. he may enjoy some of the animals. but secretly, i REALLY want a moowich. yep. just a simple ice cream sandwich made with two chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream. but i crave those darn things every year. EVERY YEAR. so i must go pay the entrance fee to the fair… just to pay the additional cost of the moowich. ahhhhhhhh but it will make me happy!!  :)  of course, i’m choosing the WARMEST day of the week to go to the fair. leave it to me! i wish dave were going with us…. maybe next year (especially since we’ll be a family of four)!


last night i was up until after 11 uploading 218 photos to costco’s website. and i have more to go. i haven’t printed any photos of our trip east. or of davey’s birthday party. so i’m a wee-bit behind in my photo printing… with a FEW exceptions, i haven’t printed photos since april. those 50 free prints i have in my account from costco aren’t going to go very far when i’m going to end up printing close to 300 photos total! oops! 


and as i was going through my photos from april to the present, this one (from june 4) made me crack up…. maybe b/c his hair is in a mohawk… or (more likely) b/c it’s just in such a LONG mohawk:

but i love this photo. i love this kid. i’m really trying to DELIGHT in him daily. he’s so DARN SMART (he obviously takes after his daddy) and he really does play well by himself. he’s so entertaining (to himself and to others). and i love him to bits and pieces – even when i’m frustrated with/by him.