rousing success

 sunday (evening): july 20th


yesterday was davey’s first birthday party. we have a few photos that dave snapped during presents and cake, but that’s all…. so for anyone else who took photos of davey and/or our guests, would you please share them with me? thanks!


here’s the birthday boy unwrapping and opening gifts:



he got some great new toys, including (but not limited to): bath toys, trucks, puzzles, books, lincoln logs (dave’s psyched for this!), a bubble machine, mr. potato head goodness (dave and i are huge fans!), a movie (Monsters, Inc. – we LOVE it!), a farm and a tractor…. and he also got a CUTE new outfit from miss alissa (can’t wait to put him in it, A – this week!).


After presents, we had the cake, including TWO rousing renditions of happy birthday (the video camera wasn’t being used during the FIRST singing of the song). davey didn’t seem to EAT much of the cake – he sure did get that melting chocolate frosting all over himself, though…. it was pretty cute until he started crying pretty hard at the end. the poor kid was SOOOOO TIRED, but he weathered the storm pretty well.


i love that last photo where he’s sharing his cake with miss julie. i also think it’s hilarious that she CAUGHT IT when he dropped it (can you tell she’s a mama to FOUR?!) and put it back on his tray, all while laughing at him! thanks, julie!  :)


and as if his big party wasn’t ENOUGH activity for one weekend, we FINALLY got around to having him dedicated in church. so today was the big day. the whole (immediate) dunkin clan was there, which was pretty cool. i have photos of that, but i’ll have to share those later. 


all in all, a big weekend for a big boy. this week (tuesday), he goes to the doctor for his one-year well-baby-check (including shots) so i’ll have his official stats at that time. i’m expecting him to be in the low percentile on height….. his pants are all still so long on him! but i’m expecting him to be in the normal (though still low) range for weight (around 20 pounds, i’d guess). 


nana’s here for four more days (she leaves thursday night) so we’re hoping to get some more errands and projects done before she leaves. or maybe another date night. dave and i just got home from a movie up in canada – we went to see the batman movie but when we realized the seats would be front row, we opted to see hancock (with will smith) instead. it was good. i’m actually very glad we saw it….. though we might try to see the batman movie another night this week!  :)

3 thoughts on “rousing success

  1. happy belated birthday davey! i didn’t know you were having a birthday party but i hope you had a wonderful time playing with your new toys and eating your birthday cake. happy 1st birthday!

  2. i’m still working on my photos for you. i got a “few” good ones. :) thanks for inviting us to davey’s party. it was fun! :)

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