saturday: july 26th


so yesterday was a wacky day. on thursday night, davey was WIRED from his 40 minute nap (starting at 6 p.m.) when we drove to Bellingham to deliver Nana to the airport. he was STILL WIDE AWAKE at 10 p.m., though he was definitely getting pretty cranky. he was funny and quite the little talker, though, so dave and i just kept laughing…. and laughing… and laughing.


then, he was OH-SO-KIND to me yesterday morning and didn’t wake up until 7:45 a.m. (well, that’s when he started crying from his crib – i think he’d been awake for about 15-30 minutes) and then went back down for a nap at 10. i was shocked. i thought we might be able to get some garage-sale shopping done before his nap but he faked me out. so after wondering WHAT i was going to do with my free time, somehow, i got MOTIVATED. i started in the laundry room/pantry. i pulled ALL our pantry items off the "shelves" and "extended" the shelves (we have those wire cubes stacked in there). i swept under the shelving area and behind the washer (I couldn’t quite reach behind the dryer) and then i put everything back. but in a more organized and logical fashion. yep. so my laundry room "pantry" is clean and organized for now. and it’s just a teeny bit bigger, which is actually VERY helpful! since davey was still napping and i had the hammer out (makes it easier to assemble those wire cubes), i went ahead and added-on to the "storage" (more wire cubes) in the closet under the stairs. i moved ALL of our games downstairs (and OUT of davey’s play area) to the new storage space. i made sure there was enough room for some blankets and bibs and burp cloths in that closet for when baby roxy is born (i kept a BIG stash in there for davey when he was much smaller).


that took about 90 minutes (and meanwhile i had two loads of laundry "in process"). but i felt better. just a little more organized. like i MIGHT know where to find things now. i know people think i’m uber-organized, but trust me, i have piles and stashes of things EVERYWHERE. i’d love to have LESS STUFF but i don’t know how to go about getting rid of certain things. so i take it one day at a time and i leave my life flexible enough to change things around (which means i have to answer dave’s "where’s the xxxx?" questions a lot). i just keep changing things until i find something that really works for me. makes me happy. and i take it all one closet at a time. or one shelf at a time. 


(so even though he slept really well in the morning, we won’t talk about his wacky afternoon schedule, including a "mini-nap" when i dropped him off at grandma’s at 5)!


but now that i have THOROUGHLY BORED YOU, here are some cute davey photos! he got his first haircut on thursday before nana left. he was very well behaved and i think brandi actually ENJOYED cutting his hair! 



in process:



i’m not sure why nana & brandi are giving these faces, but i like this photo: 


so well behaved:


here, nana was tickling his armpit to get him to smile…..


and here, davey retaliated against the tickling by biting her shoulder (this photo was taken moments after the "biting" – check out my mom’s face in the mirror!):




he’s one handsome little dude! i love his cut and i don’t even miss his curls (that much)!

2 thoughts on “productive?

  1. LOL….I did have fun cutting his hair! He was so good. :) AND, we were making that face because I’d just turned on the clippers for the first time and so we were “ooh” ing at the noise so he’d be excited, not scared! :) Cute photos!

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