overview of nana’s visit

 friday: july 25th


here’s a brief overview of nana’s visit…. in pictures:



more detailed updates (and photos) to come tomorrow (i’ve gotta tell you about his first haircut and "swimming" in his pool and eating "big people food" and so much more)!


(hey alissa – doesn’t he look DARLING in his outfit? he wore it on thursday – in case we got into town to see you…. but we didn’t make it…. but i think i have over 100 photos of him from this one day in this outfit!)

2 thoughts on “overview of nana’s visit

  1. haha….yes, yes, I did Megan! :) It WAS good times. He was such a good boy, I can’t wait to see more pix. Oh, and Tam, I didn’t get to preview the photos, so BE NICE!! :) <3

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