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 sunday morning, july 13th


my husband is awesome. other than wednesday night, davey hasn’t slept through the night since a week ago friday. so it’s been a LONG and tiring week for me. he’s been on the antibiotics for his ear infections since wednesday…. hopefully he’ll be sleeping through the night again soon. since yesterday was saturday, dave got up with davey and ended up hanging out with him most of the day. i got a late start (i was up from 5-5:40 with davey but then went back to bed until 9!!!) but ended up hitting a few garage sales with Nancy, my friend Carrilee’s mom. we were both on the lookout for girl clothes. and we didn’t fight over anything. and we got some good stuff. after i dropped off nancy, i headed toward bellingham to visit one last sale…. one of dave’s co-workers’ wives was having a garage sale. i (magically) found the sale and wound up with a garbage back full of girl clothing…. tori tried to give it to me for free, but i insisted they take some money. wade (dave’s co-worker) was there and he said "go ahead, tori, take the money – we’ll buy davey’s birthday present with it."  i bought a TON of girl stuff. yep. a lot. i had about 2 laundry loads full…. and it’s all washed, dried and folded, though i have to find a place to store it for now!  :)


so that means that dave got up with davey around 7 and was with him until 3 or 4 when i (finally) got home. and then the dude would NOT go to sleep last night. not at all. we tried. and tried. and tried. and finally i gave up. so dave took over and by 9:45 p.m. davey was out like a light. yep. a late night. and then he was up at 1:15 (so i got up with him). but he did go back to sleep pretty quickly and slept until 7 this morning. and even though it was MY morning to get up with the little dude, dave got up with him again. yep. and right now (9:05 a.m.) they are both asleep on the couch in the bonus room. 


my husband is wonderful. how did i get so lucky?


today, nana comes into town. we’ve got a number of cleaning things to do to still get ready for a houseguest, but the important things will get done, right?! i have a long list of things i’d like to try to accomplish while my mom is here… we’ll see how feasible it is!

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