i need help

tuesday: july 8th

why, oh why, is davey waking up in the night and screaming? why is it that the only thing that will help him fall asleep is to have a bottle in his mouth and to be in mama’s arms (even though he barely drinks any of the bottle)? why does he wake up the FIRST time i move him from my arms to his crib but not the second?


saturday night it was 3:40… i sat with him (no bottle) for an hour and 20 minutes and finally put him in his crib wide awake. dave took a turn after about 10-15 minutes of screaming but he couldn’t get davey to stop screaming. not even a little. we finally gave him tylenol and a bottle and i was back in bed at 5:20-ish. we missed sunday school b/c of this venture and we were late for church.


on sunday night, he woke up at 1:15-ish and was back to sleep a little after 2 a.m.


last night he was up for about 25 minutes at 1 a.m. and then he woke up AGAIN at 5:20 for another 30 minutes.


does this have anything to do with transitioning him to whole milk? is he not sleepy? is he not getting enough love from me during the day? is it a growth spurt? do i need to take him to the doctor? i’m so TIRED these days from these frustrating late night adventures. any thoughts? suggestions? encouragement?


aside from that, today i see my OB and run erands in Bellingham WITH this peanut. i’m hoping to get out the door pretty quickly here – guess i oughta get up and get going then! but since you’d like to see some photos, here are two outtakes from the last two photoshoot session ATTEMPTS to get a decent 11-month photo:


3 thoughts on “i need help

  1. Hi Tam – - – I remember those days – and they are hard. More often than not, when it happened with my kids, and they were fussy while laying, it meant an ear infection. Ofttimes, it was weird, because they showed no other symptoms, but something about that fluid buildup when they are laying flat. Regardless, I would think it is definitely worth a call to his dr. I hope tonight is better for all of you!

  2. I concur about the possible ear problem. And whether the doc will admit it or not, ear discomfort (even if it’s not an infection or accumulation of fluid) can be a result of molars working their way in. You may not even be able to feel them yet. This is when we need that hypothetical read-out I wish babies came with that would tell us what’s wrong. Sorry for you, Dave and Davey that this is happening; this too shall pass…but hopefully sooner rather than later. BTW – the 11 month pics are ADORABLE…why would you need any other ones? Give that boy s squeeze for me.

  3. The only symptom Markus ever shows when he has an ear infection is disturbed sleep. And the kid’s ears are so bad he had to get tubes. Never a fever, lack of appetite, ear pulling, etc. Just whacked sleep. Call Dr. D. And a question for you- did you use an action in photoshop to get that awesome border/shadow-thing (I think it’s called a vignette?) around that first photo of Davey with the elephant? It’s awesome!Please do tell!

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