davey’s laptop

 thursday: july 31st


davey got a new laptop all his own this week:


he seems to like it – playing with the keys and opening and closing it. hopefully it’ll last him a few years so he can make use of the "educational" portion of it (he’s a bit too young for that part right now). maybe now he’ll stop grabbing for ours when we’re using them!


we’re still struggling with his nighttime sleeping (he woke up twice on wednesday night – both times he required the bottle in his mouth to fall back asleep, even though he drank nothing and it took 5 minutes or less each time). i know the whole bottle-in-the-middle-of-the-night thing started when he had his double ear infection… i guess it became a comfort QUICKLY. now the question is…. HOW to break it? frankly, i don’t think i have the energy to even bother trying. so tonight, i’m putting a bottle of water in his crib. yep. maybe he’ll find it in the middle of the night and i won’t have to get up. (wishful thinking!)


as for naps…. today he took two. both times he had to fall asleep in my arms in order to fall asleep, but it was worth it. he slept from 10:45-12:15 (and so did i) and again from 4-5. he may still be ready to give up his morning nap, but for today, i could tell he needed both of his naps! so thanks to all you moms (and dads) for the advice…. and keep it coming, PLEASE!!!

One thought on “davey’s laptop

  1. Well, many happys to you this week- Dave’s birthday and your anniversary. I was just looking at our wedding pix and see a 1year and 3 days old Davey looking quite handsome in his Dad’s arms. Time flies ~ and it’s been fun! Our love to all

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