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 Tuesday: July 1st


HAPPY FIRST OF JULY!!!!!! It’s Tuesday and I get to teach at the scrapbook store today…. YIPPEE!!! I love my teaching days. They’re tiring, for sure, but oh so much fun! But I know that’s NOT why you’re all tuning in today. You want to know some other news. So I guess I’ll get right to business….


Dave got the job offer we were praying for! Yep. The offer came in around 8 p.m. and with one quick call to the owner (to request additional vacation time, which was granted)…. and he accepted the offer! He’ll give notice with his current employer today and start with the new employer (Logos) in two weeks. 


Oh, wait… that WASN’T the news you wanted? What were you waiting for? Hoping for? What did you log on today to read?


OH, RIGHT! Davey’s going to be a big brother! Yep. He is. Oh, wait… you KNEW that already? Oh. Hmmmm. What was it you wanted to know, then? Whether he’ll have a baby brother or a baby sister? Well, we had a pretty good ultrasound. Our tech was thorough, sure and quick. We received a CD of photos (and a short video clip) along with a few printed photos. AND our baby chose to COOPERATE! Baby was breech when the ultrasound started, but eventually baby moved and we were able to see a few things more easily.


So without question. Without doubt. Without any guessing. We are 100% certain that we are having a baby……







………………………………………… GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yep. A baby girl. We were (are) in SHOCK… we were CONVINCED it was another boy. We were sure of it. For the past few days, I’ve been calling baby by name…. but by his name rather than her name. Guess I’d better change that now, huh?! We are so excited, though, that it appears we are carrying a healthy baby – all her parts are there and all are in working order – the brain, heart, bladder, kidneys, fingers and toes….. everything. It never ceases to amaze me what technology can show us these days. 


Baby Girl Dunkin was very cooperative and waved a little bit. And moved around. And showed us her hands and arms and fingers and legs and feet and toes. She stretched her legs. And she played with her toes:


So there you have it. Great news, times TWO for us so early in the week! God is definitely SO GOOD! And not to be outdone, Davey has news of his own to share with you…. he continues to take step after step after step after step. And he can stand up without having to pull himself up on anything. Additionally, he is waving hello & bye-bye upon request. And he started clapping again when you say "yea!!!" or "clap." And he actually CRAWLED (real crawling – up on his knees) at home tonight. He’s just pretty much the smartest almost 1-year old ever!  :)    He never ceases to amaze us. 


So happy Tuesday to you all!

7 thoughts on “big news

  1. Congratulations all around! A new job, a new baby GIRL and a new little walker. Life is exciting at your house! We were also pretty certain that MK would be a boy and were surprised at the ultrasound. But, I soon learned that little girls are SO fun! Congrats!

  2. Hooray for babies! We are excited for your news of a little girl and Carrie’s news of a little boy. We are expecting #4 sometime in 2009 (we hope?) but instead of a trip to the hospital we’ll be taking a trip to Ethiopia to bring him home.

    Congrats on the job Davey (I can call him that. I knew him when he used to talk out of the side of his mouth and Aunt Linda had to tell him Spider Man ate green beans to get him to eat his vegetables).

  3. yay!!!! congrats to dave for his new job and congrats for the baby girl that is on her way. so so excited for the two of you. also, congrats to mr. davey for all the amazing things he is doing right now.

  4. CONGRATS Dave, Tam & Davey on all your EXCITING news….what an amazing week! What a wonderful surprise that it’s a girl!!! I thought it was a boy too. So when does the shopping begin? What fun!=) My sister-in-law works for Logos and loves it. She says that it’s a great company to work for. Congrats again!

  5. What wonderful news you’ve shared. Congratulations of course and love to you, Davey and Dave! The ultrasound pix were great but…which end was up? I think I need a legend. Also best of the best to the nephew who took his early computer steps on his own dad’s knee. Who would’ve thought that the David and Jonathan Computer Software venture would turn out such good talent. (I’d forgotten about the talking out of the side of the mouth- way to remember, Jenn! And can’t wait to hear more about the Scott news too.) We’re looking forward to seeing all the Hoffmans soon but wish all the Dunkins could be there too! Hugs to all.

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