wednesday: july 30th


ahhhhhhh. that’s how i felt this morning when i woke up and realized that davey had slept ALL NIGHT LONG. not even a 5-minute wake up call. i think it was around 7:45 when dave went into the nursery to check on davey. i guess davey was just chillin’ in his crib, playing with the giraffe hanging from his mobile. what a wonderful way for me to wake up. on my own. after sleeping for 8 hours. knowing that my son had slept for at least 11, maybe 11 and a 1/2 hours… yes. this was a good morning. 


our week thus far has been a little crazy. monday morning was play group. after davey not sleeping well the night before (i got 6 hours of sleep broken up into two shifts), i was NOT in the mood to chase him (and he’d been up for over 3 hours by the time playgroup even started!). thankfully, the girls all offered to watch him and let me join a few others to help Karla unpack the rest of her kitchen and hang some things on the walls and unpack the play room. it was a much needed break from my crabby, needy boy! play group ran "long" on monday so we could help karla and then have lunch together. davey and i got home and we BOTH took a nap. it felt good. but about 2 minutes after i woke up, so did davey. so i didn’t get to do my "slow-waking-up-from-a-nap-routine." even after his nap he was still a bit crabby, but i did manage to snap this photo on our quick trip to bellingham:


we drove into bellingham on monday afternoon to deliver an ice cream cake (from DQ) to dave at work to celebrate his birthday. it was our first time visiting dave at his new job (he’s been there for two weeks already!) and bringing the ice cream cake at 3:30 in the afternoon made us seem pretty darn cool to the rest of the computer persons! davey was on some of his best behavior, playing a little bit shy but sharing BIG GRINS with everyone.


he was still a bit "off," though. and as we were getting ready to pull into the walmart parking lot, i learned why. he threw up. actual food that had been digesting in his stomach came up. all over the straps of his new car seat. and, of course, all over him. yuck. i pulled over into the parking lot and tried to clean up the mess. it smelled AWFUL (to the point where i threw away his remaining cheese crackers when we got home), but i managed to get him cleaned up enough that we could still go to walmart (he appeared to feel a LOT better after he threw up). unfortunately for me, he preferred to be held instead of riding in the cart. but i could still smell that awful cheese smell on him (i think the kids at play group were a little zealous with feeding him his snacks that morning!). 


that night we had thai food for dinner (i tried to make chicken pad thai – it tasted okay but the noodles were chewy – any suggestions from anyone how to fix that?) since it’s one of dave’s favorites. and then we tried to watch a movie (be kind, rewind – with jack black) but we got started a little late and we both had a hard time staying awake. the ending was weird – kinda left us wondering what actually happened. but there were a LOT of funny parts in the movie. 


i had to work at the store yesterday and, once again, davey woke up at 6 a.m. and was on the move with the exception of about an hour nap (8:30-9:30). i was EXHAUSTED by the time i dropped him off at grandma’s house around noon and my day was really just getting started. i stopped at starbucks to get a tall mocha frappacino and the guy made an "oops" and accidentally upgraded me to a grande…. it was JUST the "oops" i needed!


the caffeine kicked in (which was wonderful b/c caffeine usually doesn’t help me when i’m tired) and i had two great card classes, i was productive in the afternoon to make my cards for my next class, i got to play with fun supplies…. it was just an all-around good day. unfortunately i didn’t get all of my errands run (not even half of them, actually), but it was still a good day. and when i got home, dave and his brother tom were watching rambo movies (two of them) so i got to relax and rest "alone" (davey was actually already asleep)! 


and here are a few recent photos….

out to lunch on sunday with grandpa & grandma…. davey now likes to say "uh oh" and hold out his hands, palms up…. it’s pretty cute:

he absolutely KNOWS he’s being cute, though, when he does it:

 b/c the "uh oh" is quickly followed by clapping!


and on sunday night i let davey try to enjoy his own spaghetti before dave and i went out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary (thanks, brian & anna, for watching him for us!). poor kid…. i don’t think he got very much spaghetti in his mouth…. he sure did get it everywhere else, though!  


and now you’re pretty well caught up on our lives. here’s a question for my readers who are moms: how do you know when your child is ready to move from two naps a day down to one? today, i fought with davey several times about a nap…. he FINALLY took one at 1 (and is currently still sleeping). but he’s been crabby since about 10:30 a.m. (when i thought he’d go down for a nap). 

4 thoughts on “ahhhhhhh

  1. Sounds to me like Davey is showing signs of being ready for one nap. I’m pretty sure my kids had cut down to one by this age. Don’t be surprised if it’s a tricky transition for awhile; you may have to move up lunch time to get him fed before his nap. And he’ll could be crabby before his nap and before bedtime for awhile as you stretch out those awake hours. I also remember that, at first, every three or four days my kids still needed to take a second nap…although I might make the second nap a short one so they’d still go down for night at a semi-decent time. It HAS been a long time ago, though, so other, more recent moms, may have better recall and suggestions! Good luck!

  2. Both Noah and Olivia went down to 1 nap at 11.5 months. They were both tired enough to take a morning nap, but then wouldn’t go down for an afternoon nap or it was a HUGE struggle. So I would just eliminate the morning nap and put them down right after an early lunch. It was a little rough for a few weeks while they adjusted, but eventually it got better as they got used to the new routine.

  3. Hi Tamara, I know you from Treasury! :) I’m no expert but I thought I would share. Around 10 or so months old, my little girl started doing the same thing – would take one nap and then refuse the other. So I moved her to one nap in the afternoon. During her usual morning nap time, I tried to do more quiet things with her (like read books) to give her some down time. That seemed to help. However, right after she turned one, she went back to two naps! :) So it might be a temporary thing. Too bad these babies don’t come with detailed instructions… that would make it a lot easier to figure things out!

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