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davey’s laptop

 thursday: july 31st


davey got a new laptop all his own this week:


he seems to like it – playing with the keys and opening and closing it. hopefully it’ll last him a few years so he can make use of the "educational" portion of it (he’s a bit too young for that part right now). maybe now he’ll stop grabbing for ours when we’re using them!


we’re still struggling with his nighttime sleeping (he woke up twice on wednesday night – both times he required the bottle in his mouth to fall back asleep, even though he drank nothing and it took 5 minutes or less each time). i know the whole bottle-in-the-middle-of-the-night thing started when he had his double ear infection… i guess it became a comfort QUICKLY. now the question is…. HOW to break it? frankly, i don’t think i have the energy to even bother trying. so tonight, i’m putting a bottle of water in his crib. yep. maybe he’ll find it in the middle of the night and i won’t have to get up. (wishful thinking!)


as for naps…. today he took two. both times he had to fall asleep in my arms in order to fall asleep, but it was worth it. he slept from 10:45-12:15 (and so did i) and again from 4-5. he may still be ready to give up his morning nap, but for today, i could tell he needed both of his naps! so thanks to all you moms (and dads) for the advice…. and keep it coming, PLEASE!!!


 wednesday: july 30th


ahhhhhhh. that’s how i felt this morning when i woke up and realized that davey had slept ALL NIGHT LONG. not even a 5-minute wake up call. i think it was around 7:45 when dave went into the nursery to check on davey. i guess davey was just chillin’ in his crib, playing with the giraffe hanging from his mobile. what a wonderful way for me to wake up. on my own. after sleeping for 8 hours. knowing that my son had slept for at least 11, maybe 11 and a 1/2 hours… yes. this was a good morning. 


our week thus far has been a little crazy. monday morning was play group. after davey not sleeping well the night before (i got 6 hours of sleep broken up into two shifts), i was NOT in the mood to chase him (and he’d been up for over 3 hours by the time playgroup even started!). thankfully, the girls all offered to watch him and let me join a few others to help Karla unpack the rest of her kitchen and hang some things on the walls and unpack the play room. it was a much needed break from my crabby, needy boy! play group ran "long" on monday so we could help karla and then have lunch together. davey and i got home and we BOTH took a nap. it felt good. but about 2 minutes after i woke up, so did davey. so i didn’t get to do my "slow-waking-up-from-a-nap-routine." even after his nap he was still a bit crabby, but i did manage to snap this photo on our quick trip to bellingham:


we drove into bellingham on monday afternoon to deliver an ice cream cake (from DQ) to dave at work to celebrate his birthday. it was our first time visiting dave at his new job (he’s been there for two weeks already!) and bringing the ice cream cake at 3:30 in the afternoon made us seem pretty darn cool to the rest of the computer persons! davey was on some of his best behavior, playing a little bit shy but sharing BIG GRINS with everyone.


he was still a bit "off," though. and as we were getting ready to pull into the walmart parking lot, i learned why. he threw up. actual food that had been digesting in his stomach came up. all over the straps of his new car seat. and, of course, all over him. yuck. i pulled over into the parking lot and tried to clean up the mess. it smelled AWFUL (to the point where i threw away his remaining cheese crackers when we got home), but i managed to get him cleaned up enough that we could still go to walmart (he appeared to feel a LOT better after he threw up). unfortunately for me, he preferred to be held instead of riding in the cart. but i could still smell that awful cheese smell on him (i think the kids at play group were a little zealous with feeding him his snacks that morning!). 


that night we had thai food for dinner (i tried to make chicken pad thai – it tasted okay but the noodles were chewy – any suggestions from anyone how to fix that?) since it’s one of dave’s favorites. and then we tried to watch a movie (be kind, rewind – with jack black) but we got started a little late and we both had a hard time staying awake. the ending was weird – kinda left us wondering what actually happened. but there were a LOT of funny parts in the movie. 


i had to work at the store yesterday and, once again, davey woke up at 6 a.m. and was on the move with the exception of about an hour nap (8:30-9:30). i was EXHAUSTED by the time i dropped him off at grandma’s house around noon and my day was really just getting started. i stopped at starbucks to get a tall mocha frappacino and the guy made an "oops" and accidentally upgraded me to a grande…. it was JUST the "oops" i needed!


the caffeine kicked in (which was wonderful b/c caffeine usually doesn’t help me when i’m tired) and i had two great card classes, i was productive in the afternoon to make my cards for my next class, i got to play with fun supplies…. it was just an all-around good day. unfortunately i didn’t get all of my errands run (not even half of them, actually), but it was still a good day. and when i got home, dave and his brother tom were watching rambo movies (two of them) so i got to relax and rest "alone" (davey was actually already asleep)! 


and here are a few recent photos….

out to lunch on sunday with grandpa & grandma…. davey now likes to say "uh oh" and hold out his hands, palms up…. it’s pretty cute:

he absolutely KNOWS he’s being cute, though, when he does it:

 b/c the "uh oh" is quickly followed by clapping!


and on sunday night i let davey try to enjoy his own spaghetti before dave and i went out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary (thanks, brian & anna, for watching him for us!). poor kid…. i don’t think he got very much spaghetti in his mouth…. he sure did get it everywhere else, though!  


and now you’re pretty well caught up on our lives. here’s a question for my readers who are moms: how do you know when your child is ready to move from two naps a day down to one? today, i fought with davey several times about a nap…. he FINALLY took one at 1 (and is currently still sleeping). but he’s been crabby since about 10:30 a.m. (when i thought he’d go down for a nap). 

walking everywhere

monday: july 28th


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful husband! (yes, our anniversary is the day before his birthday). I hope you have a wonderful day, dave!


and to prove to you that davey really is walking EVERYWHERE, here’s a photo of him walking on the ceiling last week (thursday night when he was WOUND UP tighter than….. um….. than something that’s wound tightly):

he was pretty good at it!  :)


happy monday – we have to get ready for play group!

saturday without daddy

 sunday: july 27th


HAPPY 6th ANNIVERSARY to my wonderful husband! i love you, dave!


since dave was at a mens’ retreat/camping trip this weekend (with other guys from our church), davey and i were alone all day saturday. after waking up from 2-3 a.m., he slept in until 8 a.m. which was WONDERFUL for me. we had a relaxing morning and were still out the door for some garage sale shopping by 9:15 a.m. 


our first few stops were pointless. nothing purchased. NOTHING. but then i had some luck. quite a bit of luck, actually. wanna know what $17 purchased? here goes:

- kids’ clothing: 8 pairs of jeans, 2 sweaters, 2 onesies, a sweatshirt, a fleece, hooded vest, a velvet dress and a pair of camo rain/mud/barn boots

- large, soft, playskool truck (like the one konnor got at his birthday party)

- ride on tricycle with fat wheels (davey can probably ride it now – no pedals)

- a holly hobby refrigerator (antique?)

- two kids’ wooden chairs

- a ride on wooden horse (antique?)


not bad, eh? how far can YOU stretch $17?! (those last three items on the list were picked up for my friend sara for our booth at the antique & craft show in october). it sure does get addicting… i got to a point where i wanted to see ALL the garage sales in lynden "just in case" i was missing out on a smokin’ deal somewhere!  


on our way home from garage sale-ing, davey and i stopped at the John Deere Days at our Lynden dealership…. everything was free, including food (hot dogs, potato chips, popcorn, ice cream w/ raspberries, pop, water), barrel "train" rides, tractor rides, bouncy house, feeding horses and more! at the show we met up with our friends the McLachlans and Zweegmans and then as Davey and i were getting ready to leave, we bumped into the Dycks!


i think he had fun… don’t you? 


we finally got home (about 4 hours after heading out the door for the garage sales) and after hanging out and "resting" for awhile, we went for a walk to visit with our new "neighbors," Karla and Caitlin. Andrew is away for a few days (fishing) so we wanted to visit with them for a little while. it was at caitlin’s house that davey acquired this shiner:


he tripped onto an elephant (from a "little people" toy). oops! poor kid! we had a good (but short) visit…. we hope to visit them again this week to keep them company! 


on a side note, my darling little boy now PROTESTS if you ask him to eat baby food. yep. crazy. so i’m constantly trying to find food for him to eat. what i find pretty darn hilarious with his eating habits, however, is this:


my boy LOVES to eat peas. seriously. he can’t get enough of them. in 6 years of marriage, we’ve only ever had peas in our house ONCE…. when i had my eye surgery and that’s what the doctor’s office recommended for an ice pack. seriously. dave HATES peas. he won’t eat them. not at all. not even one pea. but davey can’t get enough of them. he LOVES them. sometimes he shoves them in his mouth a fistful at a time. other times, he eats them one at a time. 


my only "concern" with davey ONLY wanting "big people food" is he’s not the best at chewing. yep. sometimes he just puts the food in his mouth and swallows it whole. two mornings ago, when i changed his diaper, (sorry, this is gross), i saw about 10-15 whole peas and 1/2 a grape in his poo (he kept whining until i fed him some of my grapes – thankfully i only gave him 1/2 and 1/4 of a grape at a time)! 


he’s a good eater, though. he’ll eat almost anything. and if he doesn’t like/want it, he’ll take it back out of his mouth and hand it to you. pretty cute. 


so even though we missed daddy, we had a pretty good saturday and we definitely kept busy! we’re looking forward to seeing him a little later today… hopefully not TOO tired (from camping) and not TOO sore (from mountain biking)!


 saturday: july 26th


so yesterday was a wacky day. on thursday night, davey was WIRED from his 40 minute nap (starting at 6 p.m.) when we drove to Bellingham to deliver Nana to the airport. he was STILL WIDE AWAKE at 10 p.m., though he was definitely getting pretty cranky. he was funny and quite the little talker, though, so dave and i just kept laughing…. and laughing… and laughing.


then, he was OH-SO-KIND to me yesterday morning and didn’t wake up until 7:45 a.m. (well, that’s when he started crying from his crib – i think he’d been awake for about 15-30 minutes) and then went back down for a nap at 10. i was shocked. i thought we might be able to get some garage-sale shopping done before his nap but he faked me out. so after wondering WHAT i was going to do with my free time, somehow, i got MOTIVATED. i started in the laundry room/pantry. i pulled ALL our pantry items off the "shelves" and "extended" the shelves (we have those wire cubes stacked in there). i swept under the shelving area and behind the washer (I couldn’t quite reach behind the dryer) and then i put everything back. but in a more organized and logical fashion. yep. so my laundry room "pantry" is clean and organized for now. and it’s just a teeny bit bigger, which is actually VERY helpful! since davey was still napping and i had the hammer out (makes it easier to assemble those wire cubes), i went ahead and added-on to the "storage" (more wire cubes) in the closet under the stairs. i moved ALL of our games downstairs (and OUT of davey’s play area) to the new storage space. i made sure there was enough room for some blankets and bibs and burp cloths in that closet for when baby roxy is born (i kept a BIG stash in there for davey when he was much smaller).


that took about 90 minutes (and meanwhile i had two loads of laundry "in process"). but i felt better. just a little more organized. like i MIGHT know where to find things now. i know people think i’m uber-organized, but trust me, i have piles and stashes of things EVERYWHERE. i’d love to have LESS STUFF but i don’t know how to go about getting rid of certain things. so i take it one day at a time and i leave my life flexible enough to change things around (which means i have to answer dave’s "where’s the xxxx?" questions a lot). i just keep changing things until i find something that really works for me. makes me happy. and i take it all one closet at a time. or one shelf at a time. 


(so even though he slept really well in the morning, we won’t talk about his wacky afternoon schedule, including a "mini-nap" when i dropped him off at grandma’s at 5)!


but now that i have THOROUGHLY BORED YOU, here are some cute davey photos! he got his first haircut on thursday before nana left. he was very well behaved and i think brandi actually ENJOYED cutting his hair! 



in process:



i’m not sure why nana & brandi are giving these faces, but i like this photo: 


so well behaved:


here, nana was tickling his armpit to get him to smile…..


and here, davey retaliated against the tickling by biting her shoulder (this photo was taken moments after the "biting" – check out my mom’s face in the mirror!):




he’s one handsome little dude! i love his cut and i don’t even miss his curls (that much)!

overview of nana’s visit

 friday: july 25th


here’s a brief overview of nana’s visit…. in pictures:



more detailed updates (and photos) to come tomorrow (i’ve gotta tell you about his first haircut and "swimming" in his pool and eating "big people food" and so much more)!


(hey alissa – doesn’t he look DARLING in his outfit? he wore it on thursday – in case we got into town to see you…. but we didn’t make it…. but i think i have over 100 photos of him from this one day in this outfit!)

it’s a sad day

Thursday: July 24th


today is a sad day. davey’s nana has to fly home to PA. we’ve had a good visit and davey is in love with her. she works hard every day to make him laugh and teach him new things. i know she will be missed. and i’ve really enjoyed sleeping in for the past week or more, too. tomorrow starts a brand new day for me!


yesterday was davey’s 1-year baby well-check exam (not tuesday, as i initially thought). he’s weighing in at 19 pounds, 6.5 ounces (10th percentile). he’s 29 inches long (25th percentile) and his head circumference is also in the 25th percentile. if i remember right, his head has pretty much always been in the 25th percentile since shortly after birth (he takes after his daddy – gotta fit all those brains somewhere)! his weight has always been in the 5th-10th percentile, so nothing strange there (let’s face it, both the dunkin and the sarapata families are on the thinner side) but i’m glad his height is stretching out a bit. 


for nana’s last day in town we have a busy schedule. today we get to go see baby jorja (she’s SO DARN CUTE AND TINY!!!) and this afternoon i’m getting my hair cut and so is davey! yep. he’s turning into mr. shaggy-do and it’s time to get a trim. especially over the ears! i’m a little bit sad because the hair at the back of his head is just starting to get fuzzy and curly…. i really hope it grows back (curly)! then we have to take nana to the airport (in bellingham) and make a costco run (i feel like i’m out of just about everything!). 


not only will tomorrow be a long day (since i’ll have to get up "early" with davey and all), but dave leaves tomorrow after work for a mens retreat (two nights) on the other side of the mountains. i’m glad he’s going (i encouraged him), but i have this inside nagging worry that it’s going to be a LONG weekend with just doodles and i at home! plus, he’ll come home tired sometime on sunday, which happens to be our 6th anniversary and then monday is his 29th birthday! 


okay…. i should get a move-on so we can go see baby jorja while it’s still morning! happy thursday!

more deals

 monday: july 21st


first, HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY, KONNOR! here’s a photo of davey and konnor last august (davey was about 3 weeks old and konnor was about 2 weeks old…. if i remember correctly):

hard to believe EITHER of our boys were preemies (konnor was born 6 days after davey, but he was 6 weeks early). here’s a photo of davey and konnor from a few weeks ago (at konnor’s birthday party):


play group today was so much fun. we got some good news that i can’t share yet (but i’m still praying for you, dear friend)! the sun was shining and we sat outside for most of the morning…. it was just a really good, refreshing time of fellowship. i LOVE my friends. i LOVE our play group. davey is SO BLESSED with great friends. I am SO BLESSED with amazing friends. and i pray that i don’t take them for granted. ever!


next, you all know i LOVE a good bargain. so this afternoon, after my quick trip to the orthodontist (yippee… i’m on "nights only" for wearing my retainer now!), nana, davey and i visited Deals Only. We took quite a bit of time in there (i don’t usually do that – i’m usually in and out of there in 15 minutes or less) and i found some GREAT bargains for my dear, sweet Roxy! jeans (with little flowers embroidered on them) and khakis for $3.19, tank tops for $1, a skirt for $2.49 and i can’t even remember what else. even davey scored a cute dinosaur sweatshirt for next year for around $3 (seriously, Elizabeth… I was thinking of Jackson as i bought it)! oh yeah… and my great bargain there of the day….. cute grey maternity pants (nice ones – work quality, even though i quit my professional job) for $2. seriously. $2. this is the same store where i bought a pair of maternity jeans when i was preggo with davey for $1. yep. $1. i LOVE this store. and i don’t get there a whole lot. oh… did i mention that i also bought some Lindt chocolate bars for $0.99? yeah. seriously. mmmmmmmmmmm! i’m afraid to try and visit any of my other "favorite" bargain stores while nana is here (she convinces me to actually SEARCH for good deals)!


we also did some other shopping/errands. i’m currently getting frustrated trying to find bedding for davey’s "big boy" room. if anyone knows of a store where i can buy a twin-sized comforter that is RED (not pinkish red) on one side and black on the other side, PLEASE tell me. i’ve searched on line. i’ve searched many stores in whatcom county (though i still have a few to visit) and i’m getting frustrated. sigh. i’m beginning to think i’m going to have to buy two flat sheets and sew them together into a duvet cover (well, i’d have my friend linda sew them together… it’d be worth whatever the cost). but that’s my last resort. i’d prefer to buy something "ready made." 


and finally, on a really random note, my legs look like those of a 2-year old! i have scratches, scrapes and bruises everywhere. i don’t even know how most of them were created!


and with that, it’s bedtime for me. i’m planning to enjoy my final few days of sleeping in (nana’s been up with davey in the mornings for the duration of her visit… which has been WONDERFUL)!

rousing success

 sunday (evening): july 20th


yesterday was davey’s first birthday party. we have a few photos that dave snapped during presents and cake, but that’s all…. so for anyone else who took photos of davey and/or our guests, would you please share them with me? thanks!


here’s the birthday boy unwrapping and opening gifts:



he got some great new toys, including (but not limited to): bath toys, trucks, puzzles, books, lincoln logs (dave’s psyched for this!), a bubble machine, mr. potato head goodness (dave and i are huge fans!), a movie (Monsters, Inc. – we LOVE it!), a farm and a tractor…. and he also got a CUTE new outfit from miss alissa (can’t wait to put him in it, A – this week!).


After presents, we had the cake, including TWO rousing renditions of happy birthday (the video camera wasn’t being used during the FIRST singing of the song). davey didn’t seem to EAT much of the cake – he sure did get that melting chocolate frosting all over himself, though…. it was pretty cute until he started crying pretty hard at the end. the poor kid was SOOOOO TIRED, but he weathered the storm pretty well.


i love that last photo where he’s sharing his cake with miss julie. i also think it’s hilarious that she CAUGHT IT when he dropped it (can you tell she’s a mama to FOUR?!) and put it back on his tray, all while laughing at him! thanks, julie!  :)


and as if his big party wasn’t ENOUGH activity for one weekend, we FINALLY got around to having him dedicated in church. so today was the big day. the whole (immediate) dunkin clan was there, which was pretty cool. i have photos of that, but i’ll have to share those later. 


all in all, a big weekend for a big boy. this week (tuesday), he goes to the doctor for his one-year well-baby-check (including shots) so i’ll have his official stats at that time. i’m expecting him to be in the low percentile on height….. his pants are all still so long on him! but i’m expecting him to be in the normal (though still low) range for weight (around 20 pounds, i’d guess). 


nana’s here for four more days (she leaves thursday night) so we’re hoping to get some more errands and projects done before she leaves. or maybe another date night. dave and i just got home from a movie up in canada – we went to see the batman movie but when we realized the seats would be front row, we opted to see hancock (with will smith) instead. it was good. i’m actually very glad we saw it….. though we might try to see the batman movie another night this week!  :)

RUN… don’t walk

 thursday: july 17th


RUN…. don’t walk…. TO YOUR NEAREST OLD NAVY.  


guess what started today? yep. the old navy 50% off clearance prices sale! nana, davey and i were on our way to burlington to shop at carters and a much nicer and cleaner ross when i thought "let’s check old navy first." so in bellingham we stopped at old navy and WOWZERS!!! (we never made it down to burlington).


i spent $135 on Davey and Roxy – and it’s almost exclusively clothing for NEXT summer, but check out what i got:


so the photos don’t do it all justice (far too much to photograph) but here’s a breakdown of what i (think) i got….


Davey: for 12-18 months: 1 t-shirt

Davey: for next summer: swim trunks, 5 pairs of shorts, 3 polos, 1 hawaiian shirt and 3 t-shirts

Roxy: for 0-3 months:1 onesie, 2 pairs of pants

Roxy: for next summer: 2 bikinis (one with a matching sunhat), 1 terry cloth swimsuit cover-up, 1 pair pjs, 2 dresses, 2 pairs of capris, 5 tank tops, 7 t-shirts, 6 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of skorts (and lots of these i turned into various "mix & match" outfits… i didn’t want to buy a whole bunch of random stuff)

Roxy: for 12-18 months: 2 t-shirts, 1 pair of pants and 1 dress


all totaled, it’s 50 items of kids clothing for $135 (including sales tax). WOW!!! that’s a LOT of stuff. and 2 tank tops for myself (a whopping $5 for both of them)! i proceeded to call the majority of my play group/mom friends to let them know about the sale… after all, we decided that’s the rule… call everyone and tell them about the sale if you happen to stumble across it!  :)


as a "heads up:" our old navy didn’t have much by way of pants, jeans or long-sleeved ANYTHING, but at least my kids are going to be well-dressed next summer! i’ll just keep my eyes out for the next big sale at old navy when they have jeans, pants, hoodies and sweatshirts for purchase!


oh yeah, on our way out of the mall, we stopped really quickly in kohl’s and i bought 2 sleepers and 2 long-sleeved onesies for roxy (all size 0-3 months…. the size where she has the least amount of clothing) and 2 maternity tank tops for myself.


now i’m off to try a new recipe for homemade cinnamon rolls (mmmmmmm). and i guess i could get dinner prepped so it’s ready to go in the oven a little later! have a great day!