the trail

 tuesday: june 10th


so it’s been confirmed. this is the COLDEST june ON RECORD in whatcom county…. their records date back to the 1800s, so it’s been a LONG time since it’s been this freakin’ cold in June. i’m so sick of sweaters and sweatshirts…. socks and shoes. sheesh!


but i digress. my house is beginning to look like a toy factory exploded… now that he can walk along the furniture to the toy box, he loves to dig through there and drop toys on the floor. somehow, they end up in a trail behind him as he moves forward to the dining room table for new adventures: 


at least i find it comical (for now).


i saw my OB today…. well, the PA at my OB’s office. i’m 17 weeks along. i weigh a few more pounds than i did at this point with davey (but i’m not telling you my weight). and i’m T.I.R.E.D. all the time. they reviewed my blood work from my last visit and my iron level is a little low. not low enough for them to call me and recommend anything. but since i’m complaining of exhaustion, they suggested i take iron pills. so on my way home i stopped by target and bought a bottle of iron pills. so now i’ll take my iron pill, my folic acid and my allergy pill every day. and they also added another pill to my daily regimen: a flintstones multi-vitamin. unfortunately for me, those only come in chewable form. i ate a cherry one tonight. ugh. can’t wait to see how i react when i get an orange or grape one (i HATE fake orange and grape flavors)!


other than my low iron level, though, i’m doing just fine. and baby’s got a strong heart beat. i go back in 3 weeks for my anatomical ultrasound. we’re still not sure if we’re going to find out the sex of the baby. last time we talked about it, we both wanted to find out. the time before that, we didn’t. so it might have to be a "game time decision" for us (meaning we’ll decide in the waiting room)!


so from this exhausted, pregnant mommy, g’night!

2 thoughts on “the trail

  1. Hope this isn’t too much information… but I think all of your blog readers are mommies, too. You want to add a stool softener to your regimen if you are taking iron daily. Trust me. And drink as much water as humanly possible. :)

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