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 Thursday: June 17th, 2008


apologies first…. i’m trying to add photos to this post… we’ll see how many i can add with our very poor and slow "borrowed" wireless internet connection!


We’re here! We’re enjoying sunny, warm weather here in PA (mixed with an occasional thunderstorm) and we‘re having a grand time. The flights out here weren’t too bad. The first leg, from Seattle to Houston, went well. Davey slept for take off and landing and not much in-between. It was a FULL flight, but for the most part we were able to contain him. There was one in-flight magazine that was ripped to shreds by my darling child… and as he did so, I couldn’t stop laughing (and even I don’t know what was so funny about it). He sure did try to make friends with everyone around him, though. That boy of mine is a charmer, for sure! Our next leg, from Houston to Philly was a bit more difficult. It was a shorter flight, but Davey didn’t get to walk around i nthe airport as much as I had planned/hoped. And then there was the “weather to the east” issue. After we boarded the plane and all got settled in and closed the doors, we had to sit. and sit. and sit. and then sit some more. And finally, we were able to taxi to take-off… only there was a LONG line up of planes by then. So our 7:05 p.m. flight didn’t actually take off until 9:05 p.m. Yep. TWO VERY LONG HOURS. And then we had a 2-1/2 hour flight still. Thankfully, since it was so late, Davey conked out. The flight wasn’t full so the guy next to us moved to another row and Davey was able to lie down on the seat between us and sleep for most of the flight. Whew. We arrived in Philly sometime after midnight and by the time i got him to bed at nana’s house (and got to bed myself), it was 3:30 a.m., which made it an 18-hour day. oh yeah – and on the car ride from the airport to my mom’s house (aka: nana), i felt the baby move! yep. the baby (that’s this one’s “inside name”) started moving around a bit so i could feel him (or her). pretty cool!





Davey is already enamored with his nana. they like to give each other "high fives." however, the poor kid is obviously allergic to SOMETHING out here (he hasn’t stopped sneezing since we got here and his eyes keep watering and his nose keeps running) but he’s a happy little guy, exploring the world around him. He’s  riding in a forward facing car seat that nana borrowed. He’s enjoying warndering around nana’s living room (all along the furniture, of course) and playing with her toys…. a basket of toys that we’ve had for a long, long time. And the basket is actually the play pen that used to belong to my Cabbage Patch Dolls (i own 7 of them – all purchased WELL-AFTER the big CPK craze in the 80s). It’s funny how many memories come back when you’re in an old, familiar place. 


On Wednesday, we ran errands (purchasing diapers, formula, etc.) while it was cloudy and thunder-stormy. Then today, Dave stayed behind to drink beer and lounge by the pool while Davey, Nana and I ventured to the wonderfull shopping realm known as Franklin Mills Mall. It’s an outlet mall built on an old race  horse race track. It’s about 2 miles around, though it doesn’t go in a complete circle. I spent quite a bit of money, but i bought lots of stuff, including some much-needed maternity clothing (for great prices!) and some pjs for davey. it was a long and tiring day, but davey did great during the 6-hour shopping marathon (aren’t you proud, aunt marylou?)!



Tomorrow we’ll stay at home and relax in the sun and pool. Davey did get into the pool for a short time yesterday evening. We put on his swim diapers, a bathing suit, a cute sun hat (that doesn’t match the bathing suit) and he went into the water with daddy. as usual, he was on the cautious side, though he did seem to enjoy it. he splashed around a little bit and then road in a baby boat and he didn’t act afraid at all. i’m hoping by the end of tomorrow that he’ll be in LOVE with the water. my brother and i were AVID water-bugs when we were growing up (our pop-pop and grammy had a pool) that i really want my own kids to love the water, too. it’s so fun and freeing. 




so there you have it. i have to “borrow” a wireless connection from the neighbor to post any blog entries, so hopefully i’ll be able to connect again at least once or twice more during this fun adventure, since we have many more fun things to do!


(it took about 45 minutes, but i got all the photos on here! hopefully more to come in a day or two)!

2 thoughts on “pa update

  1. Glad to hear an update. Am praying for all of you, as I know that being in unfamiliar places can take a toll on the little ones. Sounds like so far, so good, though!

  2. So glad to here that you arrived safely. Wow! What a long trip! We’re missing you but are so glad that “Nana” gets some much needed time with you all. Have a wonderful week and hugs to everyone !!! Thanks for the pics.
    Love , Mom

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