just another thursday

 Thursday: June 5th



this photo is about 3 weeks old. i put davey down for a nap one day and he wasn’t happy. so i left his bottle and out the door i went (b/c i was frustrated) and when i checked in on him a little while later, this is what i saw. it cracked me up. my little guy has so much personality.


new photos are downstairs still on my camera, but last night, he managed to walk along the couch over to the end table and to his basket of toys. he stood there for quite awhile pulling each toy out of the basket and throwing it on the floor. i think i’m about to enter the next stage of parenting: the one where no matter how often you pick up after your child, your house is still somewhat of a disaster!  :)  i guess i’ll get used to that stage much like i got used to my current stage: dusty house in desperate need of cleaning!  :)  


tomorrow i’m heading to the eye doctor. some of you may remember that a number of years ago i had a blocked tear duct (right eye) and actually needed surgery to put in a (long) stent to clear it. i’m hoping that my left eye (which is a watery mess) isn’t in such bad shape and that there’s some office procedure they can do for me. i would NOT be thrilled with the idea of another eye surgery. ugh. 


and now my precious little guy is whining (he’s currently confined in his bouncy tigger so i think that’s why the whining) so i’d best go set him free. he LOVES to walk (always holding onto furniture) to get into all kinds of things he’s not supposed to (time to baby proof my house, i suppose) and he’s really getting around with the ARMY CRAWL these days. we think it’s only a matter of time until he’s actually crawling AND walking… and until that 6th tooth breaks through!

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