Monday: June 2nd


i guess davey doesn’t mind grass:


see that grass in his mouth? he put it there. and didn’t bother to remove it. (we did, though, don’t worry)!


this kid is SOOOOO CLOSE to taking his first steps without holding onto anything or anyone. and he’s SO CLOSE to crawling (though he’s a pretty good army crawler). and he’s SO CLOSE to getting to a sitting position on his own. and he’s SO CLOSE to getting to a standing position (with the help of furniture). any day now, i suppose. any day now.


and he has a 5th tooth with a 6th on the way. i wish i could explain how goofy he looks when he give you a BIG ‘OLE GRIN! see, he has his bottom two middle teeth. those were the first to arrive at 6 months. then, he got a top tooth (not one of the middle ones) on the left side. and eventually the left middle one came in (well, it’s still coming, but it’s through the skin). now it’s the OTHER side (the right not-the-middle upper tooth) has broken through with the right middle one on it’s way. and they’re crooked. his upper teeth. do the baby teeth eventually line themselves up? do adult teeth grow in like baby teeth? poor kid. he’s got such a goofy grin, but i still love him! 


and now i’ll ask all of you…. what foods can i add to davey’s diet? aside from baby food (stage 2), cheerios and puffs, here are other things that are pretty consistently part of his diet:  cheese (cheddar, mozarella, cottage), yogurt, rice chex, teddy grahams, graham crackers, bananas, rolls, and i can’t think of anything else right now. what else is good to offer him? especially by way of minimal-mess finger foods?! he does get bits and pieces of things dave and/or i are eating (sugary cereals, wheat thins, club crackers, goldfish crackers, potato chips, cake, brownie, ice cream, etc.) but those are not part of his regular diet. he has tried watermelon, bread, rice, potataoes (mashed and baked) and other stuff. but i just feel stuck in a rut. i want to expose him to a variety of foods and he’s really good about trying stuff…. and even if he makes a face, he’ll usually open his mouth for more!


what other foods can i give him on a day-to-day basis that don’t require blending (i’m lazy)?

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  1. Avocado is good. It’s nice and soft, but he should be able to pick it up and eat it. You can just slice an avocado into Davey-size pieces and then pop them in the freezer to pull out when you want some!

    Other finger foods… Have you gotten those mesh bags with a handle? Those are great for introducing new foods that would otherwise be really messy! You can give him all sorts of fruits and vegetables and he can hold onto the little handle and suck and gnaw on the mesh bag part to get the food out. Essentially, he does the pureeing so you don’t have to! =D

    Have you tried oatmeal? If you make it stiff you can give him little chunks of the cooked oatmeal he can pick up and eat.

  2. hey, i’m kind of having the same problem. konnors not at the stage where he can eat super hard food but he’s pretty much past the stage 2 food. i’ve actually give konnor the graduate food or the stage 3 (with the chuncks). the graduate food (comes in ravioli, chicken noodle, so forth) has chunks of chicken, pasta, whole peas, carrots, etc. and he eats it up. Davey has more teeth than konnor so he would probably love it, especially since it tastes better than the stage 2 food. finger food on the other hand is hard. i’m having trouble with that as well. i’ve tried the mesh bag (that your friend commented about) but it gets pretty messy. i’ve tried peas which is a great finger food. have you seen those yogurt bites from graduates? I’ve only seen them at haggens and walmart, those are great too.

  3. The food thing is my battle with Olivia too. She STILL only has 6 teeth so she’s not really chewing anything hard yet. I’m feeding her the same stuff you’re feeding Davey except she doesn’t eat any pureed stuff. I agree with the avocado suggestion. I also do a lot of canned fruit (in natural juice) b/c they are softer than fresh fruit. Steamed carrots, green beans, broccoli, etc. is good. The Gerber Graduates Pasta Pick up are great. I keep a supply on hand for Olivia for whenever we eat a meal that isn’t baby friendly. Shredded chicken or pork is also pretty easy to eat, especially when it’s been in the crock pot. It is super tender and just falls apart. Baked sweet potato fries are another idea, mac n cheese or any kind of pasta…I hope that helps. If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know.

  4. Well, it looks like Davey likes to eat grass…and you’ve got plenty of THAT…Just kidding. :) Wow – the whole baby food thing seems like SOOOO long ago, I honestly don’t remember. Yeah, I just graduated my second kid from 8th grade last night and Cami’s a day away from being halfway through high school. And my baby is almost a Junior Higher. Weird. The stage you’re in now is probably the time that goes slowest…so if it feels like it’s going fast…watch out! Love you all.

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