finally some sun

 thursday: june 12th 2008


today started a little early – davey woke up at 6:30 and even though i went to bed at 11:20(ish), i didn’t feel completely exhausted when i woke up…. which must mean those iron pills are already helping a bit. whew. now to add that other pill to my daily regimen (thanks kels and shelly for the suggestion since my OB’s office did NOT warn me about that)!


i decided that today would be a productive day. granted, i decided this a bit later this morning, but here’s what davey and/or i accomplished: 2.5 loads of laundry (one load still needs to be folded), cleaned the kitchen, made a cake and cupcakes, planned dinner, priced books for the garage sale, um… and i can’t remember what else. but that’s pretty good, right? i think so! and, of course, davey had LOTS of time to play…



he needed to play after all the help he provided with the laundry:


when davey went down for his afternoon nap (around 3) i thought he’d wake up around 5 and since the sun made it’s first appearance here in DAYS, i planned to take him for a walk. well, he had other plans. he slept for about 40 minutes. got another bottle and then refused to go back to sleep, though i wouldn’t go get him until about 4:15. so we headed out on our walk earlier than planned, which was a good thing. the local (bender fields) swings are STILL out of commission (when will they ever be re-hung?) so we went to the next park…. Million Smiles, which is quite a walk from our house. i actually FORGOT how much longer the walk is when we go to that park. 


but i didn’t want to stop and i wanted to enjoy the nice weather, so we kept going. and going. and going. and we FINALLY got to the park…


…and davey LOVED the swing! he was a bit unsure at first, but he was pretty quickly laughing and giggling! i had to take him out to put on his sweatshirt (it’s COLD at that park – completely covered by HUGE trees) and he was fine. it took him a little while to warm up to the swing again, but once again, he was quickly smiling and giggling and happy. and when i took him out of the swing to return to the stroller and home… he was NOT happy. i can only imagine the temper tantrums this kid might offer when he’s older. he did NOT want to leave that swing! thankfully i think it had more to do with being chilly, tired and hungry rather than him asserting his will (at least, i hope that’s what it was)!



that last photo – if you can see his face – is "typical davey." he loves to make that face – biting or sucking in his bottom lip. it’s so funny… i LOVE this kid!


and now it’s time for me to go and enjoy a nice (big?!) piece of cake with dave…. and some more episodes of the Flight of the Conchords (their HBO series). 

One thought on “finally some sun

  1. Good times at the park. My kids STILL love to swing, never mind that they’re 16, 14, and 12. Come to think of it, I STILL love to swing, too…and I’m 40! The swings aren’t quite as comfortable as they used to be, however. :)

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