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big events

 monday: june 30th


so it’s the last day of june… and it’s a big day here in the dunkin household. dave had a job interview this morning. he feels it went well but we won’t know for a few days if there’s an offer. see, there are no actual positions available… so dave had to go in and really sell himself as a needed member of the team. so we’ll know soon. hopefully.


and today at 2:15 is my 20-week ultrasound. yep. i’m 20 weeks along today. with no belly shots yet. seriously, i know. what’s wrong with me? i’m definitely getting bigger… and i definitely grew while we were in PA last week – there’s no more guessing or wondering if i’m pregnant or just fat. i like when i get out of that "is she really that fat?" stage. but i digress…. so our ultrasound. we’re planning to find out whether it’s a boy or a girl (if baby chooses to cooperate, that is). but, we may change our mind at the last minute… though i think we’re both pretty set on finding out. we didn’t find out with davey. didn’t really even want to. so it’s a fun change to really want to know with this one. we’re both convinced it’s a boy…. so we may know in just a few hours.


it’s still hot here in lynden, which i LOVE. i don’t want to complain that it’s too hot b/c it took so long for the nice weather to get here (remember – we’ve had the coldest june on record, and the records date back to the 1800s) but we are trying to find ways to beat the heat. so last night, we packed up the car, called some friends and headed out to The Spit at Semiahmoo to enjoy the cooler air by the water.

we did have a fire so we could eat hot dogs and polish sausages and, of course, s’mores. i LOVE those things. ooey gooey marshmallow & chocolatey goodness (you do know the secret, right? take a rock, place it near the fire/coals and lay your graham cracker on it and your chocolate on that…. then you roast your ‘mallow – by the time your mallow is ready to eat, your chocolate is soft but not all melted and it’s mixes with the gooey marshmallow goodness)!



well, i’d better go drink my 16 ounces of water… required for the ultrasound. sheesh! and they seriously think i’m going to be able to drink that much and NOT go to the bathroom before my appointment? tee hee. i don’t think so! 


edited to add: i’m FINALLY working on a NEW LOOK for my blog… including a much larger area for my lengthy posts and multiple photos so you don’t have to scroll down for SO LONG to read a post! i have no idea how long it’ll take dave to help me get it from paper to computer, but we’ll aim for the end of july, k? and if we get it done sooner, it’s a HUGE BONUS for all of us, right?! 

steppin’ in the heat

 sunday: june 29th


whew. it’s been a whirlwind of a "welcome home" for us… and it hasn’t even been a week yet! the weather on thursday here was COLD… with a high of 63. yes. you read that correctly. but then friday it was up to 80. i got a call in the morning from my dear friend anna who said she was having an impromptu play date/cook out in her back yard. i thought it sounded like a great way to get out of the house and do something fun…. ‘cuz our morning was more like this: 


(davey playing in the paper recycling basket – mostly junk mail, flyers, etc.)


so about noon on friday, davey and i made our way to anna’s house. before long, there were 5 moms and 10 kids eating hot dogs and chicken fajitas and enjoying the summer sunshine that has, apparently, FINALLY made it’s way to lynden. brian (anna’s husband) even went to the farm and grabbed an "ag tarp" for the kids to use with the sprinkler as a "white trash" (that’s how anna describes it) slip-n-slide…. 


the kids loved it, especially after anna added some baby soap so they could slide farther! then, with the sun being so warm, we had our bathing beauties (eating popsicles and otter pops):


davey played on the porch in the shade the whole time: 


riley got silly and had this "cup eyes" thing she would do – she just kept cracking herself up!  

and sweet lily…. with a swim diaper a little wet and heavy and someone else’s shoes on her feet (apparently she’s a shoe junkie):


we were there for FOUR HOURS (and i hear the party lasted until 5 that day) and this is what davey looked like less than 1/2 a mile from anna’s house:

he was so tired he couldn’t even hold his head up/back in his car seat!


that evening, we headed over to dad & mom’s house for a final evening with aunt ibbie (dad’s sister) and uncle arnie (who grew up here in lynden)… aunt ib LOVED davey:


jeff and taryn were able to stop by for an hour or two, as well, and they got some cute shots of davey… let’s see if i can link them from taryn’s facebook account: davey on mama’s belly and a ticklish davey  


saturday was another hot, hot, hot day. i had to go out and pick up a birthday present so davey stayed at home with daddy…. and decided to take a LOT of steps. and we mean a LOT. he took 16 consecutive, steady on his feet steps while i was on a quick shopping adventure. when i got home, i couldn’t get him to take more than 6 in a row, but i was still pretty impressed with that! the boys decided to relax outside on a blanket in the sun, but it got far too hot for our little guy. so they wound up swinging on the porch swing instead… davey just chilled there for awhile… look how red his little face got:


and then it was time to head to sudden valley to celebrate konnor’s first birthday! (konnor is 6 days younger than davey, but his daddy will be away – he’s in the national guard – for konnor’s birthday, so they celebrated it a little early). konnor is crawling EVERYWHERE (he’s pretty quick and agile) and davey was tentatively walking around, checking out the people and konnor’s toys. then the party really got started. we ate (and ate and ate and ate – well, i did, anyway) and then it was time for the fun birthday adventures!


konnor was more interested in the candle on his cake than in the cake (until he started eating all that frosting! yum yum!) and he was a bit intrigued by the curling ribbon from our gift…



happy (almost) first birthday, little man! davey had fun at your party – thanks for inviting us! and thanks for sharing your toys so well!


that last photo was taken by miss elke with my camera. i’m eager to see the photos that carly and alissa were able to snap of my little guy. 


today, davey has CONTINUED to step, step, step. he gains more confidence with each step he takes and he’s just so darn cute with his arms out for balance. he even walked (holding daddy’s hand) as we left the restaurant today:

it is now official. my little boy is no longer so little. he’s now my big boy. he walks. and babbles. and eats. and is about to move to whole milk. yep. not so little anymore!











polar bears in NYC

friday: june 28th… so we’re home and we’re slowly getting settled in. i did most of a load of laundry yesterday, along with several errands in bellingham (while grandma watched davey). dave had a busy day at work and then an even busier evening/night with pogozone – a server crashed THREE TIMES yesterday for no apparent reason… ugh. davey has been a little monster at night – re-adjusting to the west coast time zone isn’t so easy for him. hopefully we’ll be back on a normal west coast schedule soon. he did, however, pull himself to standing in his crib (TWICE) yesterday, so among other things, we had to lower his crib (he pushed his lamp from his crib-side table to the floor TWICE). he’s moving around like crazy, and it’s really only a matter of time before he has the CONFIDENCE he needs to walk without assistance (human or furniture). dave’s aunt and uncle are in town from ohio right now (they leave early saturday morning), so we’re also trying to spend some time with them before they head home. it’s just a wee bit crazy here. but that seems to be the nature of our lives!


and now, as promised, another long post/update from our PA-trip…. well, it’s really from our NYC trip since we spent a day up there, but i’m getting ahead of myself…..


on monday, june 23rd, we had a LONG, FUN and TIRING day. dave, davey and i boarded the NJ Transit train system bound for NYC. I think we caught the 11 a.m. train and we arrived at Penn Station (in NYC) before 1 o’clock.  (photos in order: waiting for the train at a NJ station; the sign; watching out the window; chillin’ on the train – don’t you love his cute little sandals?!)



We got our subway passes (us on the subway:)

and headed straight for the Central Park Zoo (GREAT suggestion, babi)! now, before i go any further, i must remind you that we had an almost 1-year old with us. which meant the following: davey, stroller, baby bjorn, diaper bag…. and then us and our stuff: my purse and dave’s camera backpack (great Christmas present, john & babi!)… that’s a lot of stuff to haul on and off a train, not to mention to shlep around the subway system! we finally got it figured out, though, and while it wasn’t easy, it was definitely do-able. it also made me very thankful that i do NOT live in the city with a small child (or with small children)!


the zoo was small but AWESOME! did you know they have polar bears in NYC? and penguins? and a red panda? seriously. you can find all of these animals, and more, at the Central Park Zoo! davey was a bit too young, i think, to see or enjoy the animals, but dave and i were impressed and we had fun taking pictures. (in order: feeding time for the sealions; feeding time for the penguins; davey and a sleeping polar bear; a swimming polar bear; the ears of a red panda – lazy thing never did wake up while we were there!; tortoises; a cute seal; an exhausted davey boy):



after a quick stop at the apple store (where dave tested the newest laptop – the air whatever it’s called)

and a quick trip in and out of FAO Schwartz (we were looking for konnor’s birthday present but didn’t find anything so cool we had to pack it home!)…

(photos in order: davey’s not too sure about the FAO Schwartz toy soldier; davey loved this lion – mama loved it too, but at $35 it wasn’t a necessity!) 



just a few of the amazing (and LARGE) things you can build with thousands of legos: 



after the apple store and fao schwartz, we boarded the subway again and made our way to john & babi’s new(er) apartment. they moved back in october/november, but we hadn’t seen the place. it’s SO NICE! three bedrooms. a HUGE (by NYC standards) kitchen – with all new cabinets, appliances, a pantry and more (they’re kitchen is larger than mine, for those of you who know my kitchen). two bathrooms. it’s a good apartment and just a block away from riverside park (that means they live on the upper west side of manhattan)… there’s even a doorman! 

  (more playing with cousin kate’s bracelets!)


we went out to dinner with john, babi, kate and wendy. we walked down the street about three blocks to a little thai place and ate outside. the food was DELICIOUS. absolutely delicious.



and then we walked over to the park, had overpriced ice cream cones and talked and played for a little while. all-in-all, a VERY fun day in the city even though we didn’t get to see Times Square at night (one thing dave really wanted to do). we got on an express train back to NJ around 10 p.m. – davey slept the whole train ride…. and in the car ride home from the station. poor kid was EXHAUSTED (he only had about a 45 min. nap in his stroller all day)!


 we still have to take davey’s 11-month photos (i don’t think we’ve taken one "on time" yet) and i still have to do a post about him at 11 months…. hopefully that’ll be a project for this weekend?!  :)

meeting family

 saturday: june 21st


whew. today was a fun, yet tiring day. john, babi, liz, kate and wendy drove down from NYC to visit davey (and us). we were outside in the pool for a significant portion of the day. davey fell in love with uncle john almost instantly. something just “clicked” for davey and all day long he couldn’t take his eyes off uncle john. (watch out, uncle tom…. there might be a new "favorite uncle" in davey’s memory)! aunt babi was enamored with my beautiful little boy, as well. the whole family was in awe of how much he smiles. how happy he always appears to be. and how much fun he is! wendy, apparently, loves babies and is very good with them. she tried all day long to play with davey… and he was pretty good with her. liz wanted her turn to hold him and kate, the observer, loved watching davey. she was an amazing cousin and let him play with (and chew on) some of her bracelets (something even mama won’t do)!


uncle john with a football hold on davey:


say what, cousin liz and aunt babi?



davey liked feeding "sushi" (plastic fish) to uncle john…. then he’d eat it himself:


playing with cousin kate’s bracelets:


we celebrated elizabeth’s 17th birthday, but at nana’s house, that means that the birthday girl (or boy) receives multiple presents while everyone else receives (at least) one…. so here’s davey opening his present for liz’s birthday:


and no family event would be complete without a dog pile by the girls on their dad (my brother): 



us out on the patio:



before they left to return to NYC, i wanted to take a family photo with them holding davey…. there was much "discussion" over who got to hold davey in the photo…. in the end, we took three family photos:



and saying good-bye (he did wave!):

he was SO SAD to see them leave! he didn’t cry, but really did look upset that they were gone. 






awwww…… dave just came in the house with three lightning bugs (aka: fireflies) that he caught for davey to see…. but davey is already asleep. well, maybe tomorrow, buster!

pa update

 Thursday: June 17th, 2008


apologies first…. i’m trying to add photos to this post… we’ll see how many i can add with our very poor and slow "borrowed" wireless internet connection!


We’re here! We’re enjoying sunny, warm weather here in PA (mixed with an occasional thunderstorm) and we‘re having a grand time. The flights out here weren’t too bad. The first leg, from Seattle to Houston, went well. Davey slept for take off and landing and not much in-between. It was a FULL flight, but for the most part we were able to contain him. There was one in-flight magazine that was ripped to shreds by my darling child… and as he did so, I couldn’t stop laughing (and even I don’t know what was so funny about it). He sure did try to make friends with everyone around him, though. That boy of mine is a charmer, for sure! Our next leg, from Houston to Philly was a bit more difficult. It was a shorter flight, but Davey didn’t get to walk around i nthe airport as much as I had planned/hoped. And then there was the “weather to the east” issue. After we boarded the plane and all got settled in and closed the doors, we had to sit. and sit. and sit. and then sit some more. And finally, we were able to taxi to take-off… only there was a LONG line up of planes by then. So our 7:05 p.m. flight didn’t actually take off until 9:05 p.m. Yep. TWO VERY LONG HOURS. And then we had a 2-1/2 hour flight still. Thankfully, since it was so late, Davey conked out. The flight wasn’t full so the guy next to us moved to another row and Davey was able to lie down on the seat between us and sleep for most of the flight. Whew. We arrived in Philly sometime after midnight and by the time i got him to bed at nana’s house (and got to bed myself), it was 3:30 a.m., which made it an 18-hour day. oh yeah – and on the car ride from the airport to my mom’s house (aka: nana), i felt the baby move! yep. the baby (that’s this one’s “inside name”) started moving around a bit so i could feel him (or her). pretty cool!





Davey is already enamored with his nana. they like to give each other "high fives." however, the poor kid is obviously allergic to SOMETHING out here (he hasn’t stopped sneezing since we got here and his eyes keep watering and his nose keeps running) but he’s a happy little guy, exploring the world around him. He’s  riding in a forward facing car seat that nana borrowed. He’s enjoying warndering around nana’s living room (all along the furniture, of course) and playing with her toys…. a basket of toys that we’ve had for a long, long time. And the basket is actually the play pen that used to belong to my Cabbage Patch Dolls (i own 7 of them – all purchased WELL-AFTER the big CPK craze in the 80s). It’s funny how many memories come back when you’re in an old, familiar place. 


On Wednesday, we ran errands (purchasing diapers, formula, etc.) while it was cloudy and thunder-stormy. Then today, Dave stayed behind to drink beer and lounge by the pool while Davey, Nana and I ventured to the wonderfull shopping realm known as Franklin Mills Mall. It’s an outlet mall built on an old race  horse race track. It’s about 2 miles around, though it doesn’t go in a complete circle. I spent quite a bit of money, but i bought lots of stuff, including some much-needed maternity clothing (for great prices!) and some pjs for davey. it was a long and tiring day, but davey did great during the 6-hour shopping marathon (aren’t you proud, aunt marylou?)!



Tomorrow we’ll stay at home and relax in the sun and pool. Davey did get into the pool for a short time yesterday evening. We put on his swim diapers, a bathing suit, a cute sun hat (that doesn’t match the bathing suit) and he went into the water with daddy. as usual, he was on the cautious side, though he did seem to enjoy it. he splashed around a little bit and then road in a baby boat and he didn’t act afraid at all. i’m hoping by the end of tomorrow that he’ll be in LOVE with the water. my brother and i were AVID water-bugs when we were growing up (our pop-pop and grammy had a pool) that i really want my own kids to love the water, too. it’s so fun and freeing. 




so there you have it. i have to “borrow” a wireless connection from the neighbor to post any blog entries, so hopefully i’ll be able to connect again at least once or twice more during this fun adventure, since we have many more fun things to do!


(it took about 45 minutes, but i got all the photos on here! hopefully more to come in a day or two)!

busy busy busy

 sunday: june 15th


happy father’s day to my wonderful husband, who is an AMAZING father… and to my awesome father-in-law:


we’ve had a few busy days in our family. on friday, i spent hours (and i do mean hours) getting ready for a multi-family garage sale on saturday. that night, dave stayed home with davey and i had dinner and an adventure with some friends. love you guys, linda and anna! 

on saturday, i was up BRIGHT AND EARLY for the sale. it was cold and windy, but it was worthwhile. our sale was HIGHLY trafficked and the 6 of us sellers had a great time hanging out during the day, convincing people to buy our unwanted items, making deals (or in my case, not making too many deals!), eating little caesars for lunch…. it was a good day. and VERY successful. i made the most money and i think linda said my final tally was around $460. that should MORE than pay to finish decorating the nursery and decorating davey’s "new" room (currently the guest room). my goal was only $200, so i did pretty awesome selling off a few large items and lots and lots of smaller things. i apologize for forgetting to take photos… but at least that means i was having fun living in the moment!


after the sale (including all the clean up), dave, davey and i headed out to the spit at semiahmoo to hang out with the Dunkin family and the Culbertson family (rachel’s in-laws). we had hot dogs (or polish sausages) for dinner (along with cherries, chips and a few salads) and some tasty s’mores for dessert. 


today, dad preached at church and then we had a family lunch at their house… complete with father’s day presents AND dad’s birthday presents (his birthday is this thursday). davey was pretty cute this morning while i was getting him ready for church: 


this cute little kid reaching for that toy (and sporting a chiquita banana sticker on his forehead) turned 11 months old today! my sweet baby is almost a year old already. sheesh! i’d better get busy planning his party! i’ll have to do a "davey is 11 months old" update later.


tomorrow is a bit crazy for me. play group in the morning (to collect my garage sale earnings!), hopefully a trip to the library to get some reading material for our journey, some laundry, some cleaning and then two doctor’s appointments. one here in town for me and one with a new eye doctor in bellingham. at 4 o’clock i’m supposed to be getting my left eye (the watery one) probed (and maybe flushed?) at a doctor’s office that has a procedure room (aka: a table so if i pass out, i won’t fall out of a chair and onto the floor). after that, i’ll pick up dinner and the packing will begin. we leave on tuesday morning to visit my family back east. we’re looking forward to the trip, but there just seems to be SO MUCH TO DO between now and then!


hopefully i can share at least one more post before our trip. just a warning: we’ll be living with dial up connection while at my mom’s house, so unless we get lucky and there’s a neighbor with an unblocked wireless internet connection, you won’t be hearing from me for at least a week. 

finally some sun

 thursday: june 12th 2008


today started a little early – davey woke up at 6:30 and even though i went to bed at 11:20(ish), i didn’t feel completely exhausted when i woke up…. which must mean those iron pills are already helping a bit. whew. now to add that other pill to my daily regimen (thanks kels and shelly for the suggestion since my OB’s office did NOT warn me about that)!


i decided that today would be a productive day. granted, i decided this a bit later this morning, but here’s what davey and/or i accomplished: 2.5 loads of laundry (one load still needs to be folded), cleaned the kitchen, made a cake and cupcakes, planned dinner, priced books for the garage sale, um… and i can’t remember what else. but that’s pretty good, right? i think so! and, of course, davey had LOTS of time to play…



he needed to play after all the help he provided with the laundry:


when davey went down for his afternoon nap (around 3) i thought he’d wake up around 5 and since the sun made it’s first appearance here in DAYS, i planned to take him for a walk. well, he had other plans. he slept for about 40 minutes. got another bottle and then refused to go back to sleep, though i wouldn’t go get him until about 4:15. so we headed out on our walk earlier than planned, which was a good thing. the local (bender fields) swings are STILL out of commission (when will they ever be re-hung?) so we went to the next park…. Million Smiles, which is quite a walk from our house. i actually FORGOT how much longer the walk is when we go to that park. 


but i didn’t want to stop and i wanted to enjoy the nice weather, so we kept going. and going. and going. and we FINALLY got to the park…


…and davey LOVED the swing! he was a bit unsure at first, but he was pretty quickly laughing and giggling! i had to take him out to put on his sweatshirt (it’s COLD at that park – completely covered by HUGE trees) and he was fine. it took him a little while to warm up to the swing again, but once again, he was quickly smiling and giggling and happy. and when i took him out of the swing to return to the stroller and home… he was NOT happy. i can only imagine the temper tantrums this kid might offer when he’s older. he did NOT want to leave that swing! thankfully i think it had more to do with being chilly, tired and hungry rather than him asserting his will (at least, i hope that’s what it was)!



that last photo – if you can see his face – is "typical davey." he loves to make that face – biting or sucking in his bottom lip. it’s so funny… i LOVE this kid!


and now it’s time for me to go and enjoy a nice (big?!) piece of cake with dave…. and some more episodes of the Flight of the Conchords (their HBO series). 

little musician

 wednesday: june 11th


one of davey’s favorite things to do at grandpa & grandma’s house is to listen to music on rhapsody… more specifically, kids pwaise albums. he LOVES them. he dances (bounces) and grooves to the tunes. and he stares at the computer and tv screens waiting to catch a glimpse of the singing kids… it’s just so cute!



and grandpa & grandma love to watch you as you listen to these praise songs. and sometimes they’ll even sing along with the music… just to see an added smile on your face and sparkle in your eyes!


this kid is such a delight!

the trail

 tuesday: june 10th


so it’s been confirmed. this is the COLDEST june ON RECORD in whatcom county…. their records date back to the 1800s, so it’s been a LONG time since it’s been this freakin’ cold in June. i’m so sick of sweaters and sweatshirts…. socks and shoes. sheesh!


but i digress. my house is beginning to look like a toy factory exploded… now that he can walk along the furniture to the toy box, he loves to dig through there and drop toys on the floor. somehow, they end up in a trail behind him as he moves forward to the dining room table for new adventures: 


at least i find it comical (for now).


i saw my OB today…. well, the PA at my OB’s office. i’m 17 weeks along. i weigh a few more pounds than i did at this point with davey (but i’m not telling you my weight). and i’m T.I.R.E.D. all the time. they reviewed my blood work from my last visit and my iron level is a little low. not low enough for them to call me and recommend anything. but since i’m complaining of exhaustion, they suggested i take iron pills. so on my way home i stopped by target and bought a bottle of iron pills. so now i’ll take my iron pill, my folic acid and my allergy pill every day. and they also added another pill to my daily regimen: a flintstones multi-vitamin. unfortunately for me, those only come in chewable form. i ate a cherry one tonight. ugh. can’t wait to see how i react when i get an orange or grape one (i HATE fake orange and grape flavors)!


other than my low iron level, though, i’m doing just fine. and baby’s got a strong heart beat. i go back in 3 weeks for my anatomical ultrasound. we’re still not sure if we’re going to find out the sex of the baby. last time we talked about it, we both wanted to find out. the time before that, we didn’t. so it might have to be a "game time decision" for us (meaning we’ll decide in the waiting room)!


so from this exhausted, pregnant mommy, g’night!