uh oh

 friday: may 16th


uh oh. i forgot to tell you that i dropped (and broke) my cell phone on tuesday. so i’ve been phone-less for a few days. which means i also am missing a lot of phone numbers. we’re hoping to transfer my number to dave’s unused phone and to transfer his number (which he forwards to his iphone) to one of our OLD phones. more info than you want to know, i’m sure. but i’m sad b/c my numbers may all be lost. and it’s such a pain to re-enter them. especially since i had JUST reviewed, cleared out and entered a bunch of numbers. sheesh! my timing is always so good, eh?!


but i know i’m boring you. so instead, let me tell you that the weather is GORGEOUS (it was in the 70s at 10 a.m.) AND dave is planning on taking a 1/2 day at work. woo hoo! last night we had chicken teriyaki for dinner (if you have my church’s cook book, patti assink’s recipe is GOOOOOOOD!)… and it was nice enough that we could (all) eat outside. it was davey’s first meal outside:


and before dinner, while dave was grilling our chicken and i was inside making a salad, davey wanted to stand but needed some assistance from the side of the house…

i just hope this is NOT a pose that he will EVER have to repeat for any police officers, investigators, etc.  Even though he looks like he’s ready to be frisked, i still think he looks pretty cute. 


so here’s to a happy day filled with lots and lots of sunshine! tomorrow we head to seattle to visit aunt rachel and uncle sterling for the day. and it’s supposed to be in the 80s!  :)

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