shopping treat

 Saturday: May 24th


today, i get to go shopping. it’s a "girls day" to celebrate a (very) belated mothers’ day for linda (my mother-in-law). we’re heading south along with taryn (jeff’s fiance) to meet up with rachel at the alderwood mall for lunch and some fun shopping adventures! yippee!


it’s kinda like a treat for me since i worked pretty hard this week to clean out the office, guest room AND bonus room in preparation for the big garage sale. AND it’s also a treat because i work on tuesday and dave leaves on a business trip on tuesday…. and he doesn’t come home until friday. it will be my first time EVER home alone with the baby for a few days at a time. in fact, i’m not sure if dave has ever even been gone overnight from davey (except the one night we were together at a hotel). i’ve been to a few overnight crops but i don’t think dave has been gone. next week should be interesting.


but for now, we’re focusing on the fun and joys of SHOPPING!


happy saturday!

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