photo deluge

 saturday: may 3rd


yep. it’s may already. i haven’t posted since the beginning of the week. and, believe it or not, i haven’t taken ANY photos of davey since monday. not one. not a single one. so i dug around in our computers and found some photos that dave took that were never posted. and they’re CUTE! so you’re about to get a photo deluge of my darling boy. but i figure that most of you are reading this blog to see photos of davey anyway!


so here goes:



hey. i warned you!


so here’s what happened this week:

monday was play group and a shopping adventure with grandma.

tuesday i worked at the scrapbook store.

wednesday davey woke up with a bad cold so we stayed home all day while i wiped his never-ending runny nose.

thursday i decorated for a baby (girl) shower at our church and then attended said shower (which was fun but never-ending)! and carrilee and i got major compliments on our decorations…. so maybe we’ll have to do it again!

friday was another low-key day. davey & i did visit grandpa, grandma & uncle tom for a few hours. and dave and i got to watch JUNO after davey went to bed. i liked the movie. of course i cried at the end. 

and today was a low-key, great at-home saturday. i got to scrapbook quite a bit (and on national scrapbook day, even!). when davey woke up from his afternoon nap, dave & davey visited the family while i went into bellingham to shop at treasury to enjoy the national scrapbook day sale! and get this…. i only spent $17! yep. 3 – 6×12 canvases, a pack of chipboard letters and a few sheets of patterned paper. and right now davey is in bed and dave is in canada watching a movie with his buddy tim. and i THINK he’s going to bring some Tim Horton donuts home for me (okay, so they’re not Dunkin’ Donuts but since we don’t have a Dunkin’ Donut ANYWHERE around here, I’ll take a box of Tim Bits in place of Dunkin’ Munchkins!). 


and now you know about our week (finally – i know you’ve ALL been wondering what we’ve been up to here in the hoppin’ metropolis of lynden)! tomorrow is a big family lunch (at the olive garden, most likely), to celebrate mothers’ day (a week early b/c dave & linda are leaving for a two-week adventure on monday). and i just realized that i don’t have a card or gift for linda…. hmmm… can i go whip something together? do i have the energy?



4 thoughts on “photo deluge

  1. If he were any cuter, they would probably pass a law for stealing hearts (which, by the way, he does that anyway).

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