new jammies

 thursday: may 29th


it’s getting harder and harder to find jammies for davey. i LOVE footie-jammies but it’s next to impossible to find them for size 12 months (what he wears now) and size 18 months (what he’ll wear this fall and winter). so i had to break down and buy him some cute carters pjs this past weekend…. without feet. so last night, for the first time, i put him in his big boy pjs. he slept just fine. and he looked pretty darn cute. wanna see?

yeah, i know. not the greatest photo, but he wasn’t the most cooperative child!  :)


wanna see something else cute? yesterday it was warm enough for him to wear shorts all day. so he wore his cute plaid shorts that i found at Deals Only last summer for a whopping $1 a pair. yes. $1. that’s not a typo. i’m hoping to visit that store again this week – it’s been months since i’ve been there. oh yeah…. the plaid shorts photos… i almost forgot:



and here’s a cute one of davey with his goofy grin:


hopefully today i can paint our 3rd bonus room cabinet so it can get moved into the bonus room this weekend and then i can FINALLY set up my full craft area up there…. and then it’ll be time to start pricing items for the garage sale! eek!!


edited to add that as of 9 a.m. today i had changed THREE poopy diapers. it’s now 10:25 a.m. and i just changed a FOURTH poopy diaper. seriously… WHAT have i been feeding this kid?

4 thoughts on “new jammies

  1. When the weather cools off again (Late summer) Costco will carry Carters footie jammies again. I was able to find the footies in size 2T there for Markus this past fall/winter. But Davey sure does look super cute in his big boy jammies :) .

  2. Ode for Davey

    My mother is Tamara
    and she has a camera
    ’cause I am so photogenic
    Each day I get cuter
    And it just would not suit her
    to take less than a picture a minute.

    Keep ‘em coming, Tam!

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