nap update

 thursday: may 7th


davey napped REALLY well yesterday. he went down in the morning without a fuss and slept for (dare I type it?) THREE HOURS!


then, in the afternoon we took a ride to the post office and then the grocery store and on the way home, he fell asleep in his carseat… about 45 minutes before i thought his afternoon naptime would begin. so i transferred him to his crib (he’s still pretty easy to transfer at this point) and he slept for over an hour (maybe it was two?)! 


i am SO THANKFUL for all the prayers you have sent my way. monday was rough but tuesday was HORRID with naps and i’m so glad we didn’t have to have a battle of the wills on wednesday. 


tom came over yesterday and mowed our lawn and then played with davey while i made dinner (chicken pot pie). the boys put davey to bed and watched a scary movie. i had planned to "PLAY" in my craft area, but i got caught up with some work reports and before i knew it, their movie was over and i was just finishing up my work for the evening. rats! but at least it was a productive evening for me and i made some money, which is an added bonus. i will, however, be glad to turn the reigns back over to kristi on monday when she returns to work!  :)


and because showing you this photo yesterday wasn’t enough, here it is again – in close up version!

i think i forgot to mention that when he woke up from this (awful) nap on tuesday, he had red marks on either side of his face (i think he fell asleep face down on two binkies) as well as on his leg (another binkie) and his hair was sticking straight up in a few places!

2 thoughts on “nap update

  1. I’m so glad to hear that yesterday was a GREAT nap day. Here’s hoping for another day like that today.

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