moms day

 Sunday: May 11th


Happy Mothers’ Day to all! I’m blessed to say I’ve had a number of wonderful moms throughout my lifetime, though, of course, there’s MY MOM and my MOTHER-IN-LAW. Both wonderful women of God who have taught me so much over the years. They are so very different in so many ways and I treasure each of them. And I could list a whole lot of other wonderful women who have been mom-figures to me at various stages of my life – you know who you are and I love you, too!


And to all my friends who are first time moms this year (Kim, Christy, Suzanne, Barb, Melissa, Kendy and many, many more), I wish you a wonderful and special day with your wee ones! And, of course, I also wish a wonderful and special day to all the awesome friends in my moms/play group – you ladies are SUCH AN ENCOURAGEMENT to me and I know I would not be this sane (can you even imagine then what I might be like?) without you! I look forward to Mondays ONLY because of you! And a giant THANK YOU Carrilee for my balloon and that wonderful t-shirt for Davey… you know me so well, dear friend!


And to all my other wonderful friends, family and acquaintances who are also moms…. all I can say is "WOW!" thank you for inspiring me and teaching me! May your day be filled with many wonderful moments. 


I followed a link from a scrappers blog that I like to read and I thought I’d share it with all of you….. a special song for all the moms out there…. HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY!!!



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