everywhere we go

 wednesday: may 14


yes, everywhere we go…. and everyone we see… davey claps his hands. he’s so darn proud of himself. and he LOVES the attention from strangers! i can’t even count how many people at the grocery store got to see him clap his hands today. and then he decided he was a REALLY big boy and he altered his sitting "stance" in the cart. he pulled one leg up out of the "leg hole" in the cart. so he sat there with one leg dangling down, the other leg was casually bent as he sat sideways in the cart…. through 2/3 of the store. i wished i had my camera handy!


in other news, he is really getting the hang of this "standing" business. at play group on monday morning, he was wearing shoes and was on a level surface (a kitchen floor) so he stood for a good 10-15 seconds for anna. everyone warned me that i should watch out or anna would have my kid walking before i had time to turn around! Dave tends to get really good "stances" out of Davey, too. here’s a photo from just a few minutes ago:

seriously…. when did he grow up so much?


and here’s a photo for aunt rachel:

this was what davey wore on sunday. he looked like such a little man in his khaki pants (those are the new ones you sent, nana!) and his long sleeve, striped polo shirt! and later in the day he wore these cute shoes (only because i forgot to put them on him for church):

they were in his easter basket from grandpa & grandma. they fit him now and he might actually grow out of them very, very soon (they’re a size 4 – i finally found a clear sticker on the bottom of the shoe, grandma!). 


for whatever reason that i can’t explain, i LOVE that photo of his little feet, slightly crossed at the ankles as daddy holds him and feeds him a bottle. 


here’s davey at jake’s bbq on saturday night:

he was a total ham that night… but the lighting is pretty rough in there, especially when i don’t want to use the flash!


and one final davey shot: here’s him sitting in the grass (probably in almost the exact same place he sat the FIRST time he encountered grass) at the bender field playground. we went for a walk one day last week, just to get out of the house, and after swinging for a little while, i let him explore the grass for a bit. this kid really seems to like textures. 

3 thoughts on “everywhere we go

  1. Oh great! He’s clapping. He’s standing. I suppose he’ll be shaving by the time we get home next week. Would you mind stifling this growing up business for a few days…

  2. davey is so cute!!! i just can’t believe that little boy will be a big brother….
    so i caught up on your pregnancy story with baby #2 and i can’t believe you’re already 12 weeks (without knowing you were that far along)! this pregnancy will be sure to fly by because you won’t have as much time to sit and think about it – you’ll be busy with davey! I’m so happy for you guys and so glad it didn’t take as long with #2. We are so similar – it took 7 months for Nolan, and under 4 months for Mia. Are you going to find out the gender? oh, and I’m usually a dollar store pregnancy test girl! haha – they work just great! I just used clear blue easy cause it was the cheapest at the store where i was buying it :) So fun that your due date is nov. 17 when Mia was born on the 18th! A lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving…. :)
    isn’t it crazy how fast you start showing with baby #2??? keep the updates coming – love to hear them!
    love you and congrats!

  3. Oh wow, Davey, when did you turn into a little man?! That happened waaay too fast. Thanks for the picture dedication Tam – now I can put a face to the little voice I talked to on Sunday. I can’t wait to see you guys this weekend! Get ready for some warm beach weather – whoohoo! :)

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