davey and mama

 wednesday: may 21st


davey and mama… we spend so much time together, but there aren’t that many (recent) photos of us together. dave took this one just before we got ice cream on saturday in west seattle:


last night i weighed and measured davey…. per our scale, he’s weighing in at 18 pounds, 4 ounces and he measures at 27 inches. we still haven’t taken his 10-month photo (soon, i hope). nor have we taken my 12-week baby belly photo (and i’m already more than 14 weeks!)…. so we’re a little behind in our photo taking!


but at 10 months, he’s doing the following:

- clapping ALL THE TIME

- standing for brief periods of time (16 seconds last night – his newest record)

- attempting to crawl

- attempting to walk

- loves to say the sounds "buh buh buh" and "da da da"

- has three teeth and one more on the way

- eats cheerios by the fistful

- sleeps pretty consistently for 10-11 hours each night

- takes two naps a day (1-2 hours each)

- likes to be startled by mama

- puts everything in his mouth

- rolls over whenever he’s lying down (try changing his diaper!)

- lights up when daddy comes home from work

- is a flirt and a charmer

- loves to watch other children – even babies

- loves to watch people

- loves action and activity

- still loves mirrors

- wants to pull daddy’s hair!

- is such a joy and delight to us on a daily basis


last night i ALSO got to play in my craft area after davey went to bed. i made a card for aunt marylou using my new stamp (the female) and i made a card for elizabeth’s "my inner martha" challenge using my brayer. a supply i’ve had for YEARS but have never really known HOW to use it! photos of these cards to come soon, i promise!


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