a new trick

 friday: may 9th


it’s AMAZING how quickly kids learn things at this age. Davey is almost 10 months old and for the last two months or so, as i’ve thought of it, i’ve been trying to teach him how to clap his hands. for a few weeks he just stared. then he would grab my hands to "help" or "make" me clap. and now? now he can clap all by himself. He’s even learning how to clap his hands together so they make some noise! 



we’re also working with him to use sign language to say "more." i guess it wasn’t such a good idea to work on clapping and "more" at the same time since they’re somewhat similar (esp. to the mind of a 10-month old)!


and that’s all for today. i was hoping to write a bunch of work reports last night while watching TV with dave, but i got pretty sick and actually fell asleep for about 90 minutes. woke up, watched LOST and went back to bed. so much for those work reports. this just means i have to write them today. i might be calling on uncle tom to come play with davey so i can get some work done!


happy friday, everyone!

2 thoughts on “a new trick

  1. Way to go, Davey! Babies clapping always make me smile. : ) Sorry you felt lousy…are you doing OK now? Hope so. Enjoy the sunshine.

  2. I can’t believe Davey is already reaching 10 months. Doesn’t time fly?? And speaking of Lost, doesn’t that show drive you crazy? Just when I think I understand what is happening they throw something new in the mix….but I keep on watching anyway thinking “Maybe the NEXT episode will make sense”.

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