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my finds

 Saturday: May 31st


So yesterday Davey and I did a fun loop of the "discount stores." We started at Big Lots where I picked up a car seat (the next size for Davey) for only $60…. but I need to research it a little more and POSSIBLY take it back. See, while it appears to be the next size Davey needs, it doesn’t quite seem like he’ll be TALL ENOUGH for it until he’s about three years old. So that might be why it was a Big Lots in the first place – an "oops" in manufacturing! See, he’ll be heavy enough (22-80#) but it’s for kids who start at 35"…. and he’s only 27 or 28" right now. I’m pretty sure that he won’t grow 7-8" in just 5 months!


But we also found a few other bargains at the stores that were too good to resist: a new "activity gym/play mat" (so we can FINALLY return Carrilee’s to her – just in time for her to use it again with the new baby!), sidewalk chalk (to save for next summer), an inflatable swimming pool (hopefully it’ll get hot enough here to use it), some ribbon (for my scrapbooking stash) and maybe that’s about it. so not a lot, but that’s okay. we were really on the lookout for some good outdoor toys for davey to play with – things he could walk and push or ride on…. good, sturdy, plastic stuff. but i found nothing. 


here’s the little bugger enjoying his new play mat, though:

it’s getting next-to-impossible to get this kid to smile for the camera…. so i end up with a lot of goofy shots…. or the back of his head… so this was the best i could do.


it was also WONDERFUL yesterday to pick up dave from the airport. he’d only been gone for a few days, but it makes a huge difference to have him here. he got up with davey this morning (at the ungodly hour of 5:45 a.m. – seriously kid?) and let me sleep. i kept drifting in and out of sleep until about 9 when i finally decided i’d better get up. the two of them are still sleeping in davey’s room – davey in his crib and dave on the floor. poor guy – he was very tired from his trip (he doesn’t sleep well without me around) so i really should’ve been the one to get up this morning…. though i’m so thankful he did!

messy love

 Friday: May 30th


Yesterday was a rough day. Davey woke up early (6:30 a.m.) and he was cranky off and on all day. By 5 I was SO DESPERATE to find my happy baby that I stripped him down to his diaper, set him in his chair and gave him a…. GASP!….. biter biscuit. I HATE those things. they are SOOOOOO MESSY and disgusting and Davey HAS to have a bath after eating one. but a know what? for about 20 minutes he was the happiest little baby ever. and then he got a bath, so the happiness continued. and i was ever-so-thankful. he was SO DARN MESSY that i took a bunch of photos, but for now, i’ll just share one:


see that smile? he LOVED eating that nasty, messy thing! so i guess it was worth the mess to see that smile over and over and over again!


today will be a good day. we’re going to head to bellingham to some of my favorite discount stores (Deals Only, Tuesday Morning and Big Lots) just to see if there’s anything to be had. and THEN we get to pick up dave at the bellingham airport. he’s been in san francisco since tuesday…. and we have BOTH missed him a lot. it’ll be good to have him home again. and i know he misses us!


happy friday to all… and a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREETING to my dear friend and fellow TOM-girl, ALISSA!


new jammies

 thursday: may 29th


it’s getting harder and harder to find jammies for davey. i LOVE footie-jammies but it’s next to impossible to find them for size 12 months (what he wears now) and size 18 months (what he’ll wear this fall and winter). so i had to break down and buy him some cute carters pjs this past weekend…. without feet. so last night, for the first time, i put him in his big boy pjs. he slept just fine. and he looked pretty darn cute. wanna see?

yeah, i know. not the greatest photo, but he wasn’t the most cooperative child!  :)


wanna see something else cute? yesterday it was warm enough for him to wear shorts all day. so he wore his cute plaid shorts that i found at Deals Only last summer for a whopping $1 a pair. yes. $1. that’s not a typo. i’m hoping to visit that store again this week – it’s been months since i’ve been there. oh yeah…. the plaid shorts photos… i almost forgot:



and here’s a cute one of davey with his goofy grin:


hopefully today i can paint our 3rd bonus room cabinet so it can get moved into the bonus room this weekend and then i can FINALLY set up my full craft area up there…. and then it’ll be time to start pricing items for the garage sale! eek!!


edited to add that as of 9 a.m. today i had changed THREE poopy diapers. it’s now 10:25 a.m. and i just changed a FOURTH poopy diaper. seriously… WHAT have i been feeding this kid?

memorial day

 Monday: May 26th


Happy Memorial Day! To all those who have served or are currently serving our country, THANK YOU. Thank you for fighting for my freedoms. My independence. My safety. I’m thankful for those who gave their life on the field and for those who made it home safely. You are my heroes. And today I especially want to thank all the members of my family who have served and I want to thank Will, my dear friend Kim’s husband and Konnor’s daddy. THANK YOU!


And Davey wants to say THANK YOU and give you all a big smile, too, so here it is:

It’s a layout that i made this morning. it’s supposed to be in the store today but i don’t think it’s going to make it there unless a friend or family member is heading into town and wants to drop it off… otherwise it’ll be there tomorrow when i head to work. it’s using the newest Scenic Route line (one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE companies). It’s a 4th of July themed line, but it works so well with my little guy all dressed in red and denim! the layout came together pretty quickly, too. i LOVE IT and MUST buy some of this line!!!


Davey is getting so close to WALKING that it’s not even a joke anymore. Dave is desperately hoping it doesn’t happen this week while he’s on a business trip. We (finally) took some 10-month photos of Davey yesterday (no belly shots of me, yet…. soon, I promise!) and while those are still on Dave’s camera, here are two of my own "outtake" photos from Davey being not-so-cooperative with the whole "sit-by-the-elephant-and-smile-at-Daddy-and-the-camera" scenario:

but i guess "saying hi to nana" was a worth-while detour from the photo shoot!


And check him out in this photo…. he looks more like a toddler than like my "baby davey:"


Yesterday we didn’t have evening church, so mom and dad had the night off. We headed over there to (finally) see their vacation pictures (Route 66, Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon and Aunt MaryLou’s house, among others). We had a great time. Their photos are amazing – we put off most of our "US travel" desires for one day when we have kids and take family vacations. At the top of our list are the Grand Canyon and the National Parks in Utah. GORGEOUS. But my favorite photos of the evening were these two of Davey with Uncle Tom:


i love the look of SHEER DELIGHT on Davey’s face! I LOVE MY LITTLE GUY!


p.s. i’m STILL taking suggestions for an "inside" baby name. so far only one suggestion has been offered…. Baby Eight. no one else has any suggestions, though? really?

the results

 sunday: may 25th


the results of our shopping adventure? SUCCESS! we ALL purchased several items. we ALL had SO MUCH FUN. and we all want to DO IT AGAIN! Here’s a photo of us (stuffed to our eyeballs) after finishing our lunches at The Macaroni Grill:

It was so nice that we were able to eat outside (in the SMALL dining area) in the shade without being too chilly! Check out Taryn’s cute new "do!" She had her hair chopped off earlier this week and it looks SOOOOO DARLING!


I had so much fun celebrating mom with Rachel and Taryn. Rachel and I always seem to have fun when we’re together and it was great to see her two Saturdays in a row! This was one of the first times I really got to hang out with Taryn (I’ve never seen her without Jeff in tow) and get to know her… I knew I liked her, but now I LOVE THIS GIRL and I can’t wait for her to join our family (in 13 months and 17 days…. I think that takes us to July 11, 2009, right?)! She and I had SO MUCH FUN shopping together. It seems our tastes are somewhat similar, we’re both easy-going and can shop just about anywhere, and we both LOVE to make fun of HIDEOUS jewelry, shoes, clothing, etc. I laughed so much yesterday that I’m surprised I didn’t pee my pants (remember, I’m pregnant, so it’s easy to do that kind of thing!)!


I seriously wish a camera crew had followed us around for the day. There were SO MANY UGLY THINGS for sale and Taryn and I mocked a good portion of them. I only pulled my camera out of my bag a few times (and all in Macys, I’m afraid to say – they usually have such good taste!) and here are three things that astounded me:


rubber/plastic jelly shoes are back…. only WAY more expensive than they were when I was a girl. I used to own a LOT of pairs, but that’s because they were about $3 a pair!


after the shoe department, Taryn and i found the costume jewelry in Macys. we found some UGLY stuff (did you know that neon yellow and neon pink are apparently fashionable again for jewelry, at least?). we tried on at least a half a dozen necklaces each, and though these pictures don’t do them justice, here are two of our favorite "worst of the worst:"

Taryn is sporting a lovely, metal but painted red ladybug (and it’s HUGE) while I’m showing off an ever-so-lovely neon pink daisy (again, HUGE). the flower was also available in yellow. at one point, i had one flower on my neck and one on my head (like a headband). ahhh…. too funny.


and while all that was going on, mom & rachel were being serious and were checking out the nicer jewelry. mom bought a silver chain (which, by the way, mom, i noticed you wore your new turquoise today and it looked good – i just forgot to say anything) and rachel bought two pairs of earrings. at least i hope she bought two. we were trying to convince her she needed the second pair (but seriously, $40 classic silver earrings for only $8…. it’s a no-brainer)!


It was a long, but wonderful day. I have sisters (okay, a sister-in-law and an almost sister-in-law) and we shop well together… one of my favorite activities! I think we might have to make this an annual event!


Now I’m off to add those photos to my facebook account, per Taryn’s request. Well, "deal," actually!


p.s. Aunt Marcia – you would have had fun with us, too! we saw a pair of shoes (that we did NOT mock) that made us think of you…. and then i came home and saw your comment… we had lots of fun and thought of you!  

shopping treat

 Saturday: May 24th


today, i get to go shopping. it’s a "girls day" to celebrate a (very) belated mothers’ day for linda (my mother-in-law). we’re heading south along with taryn (jeff’s fiance) to meet up with rachel at the alderwood mall for lunch and some fun shopping adventures! yippee!


it’s kinda like a treat for me since i worked pretty hard this week to clean out the office, guest room AND bonus room in preparation for the big garage sale. AND it’s also a treat because i work on tuesday and dave leaves on a business trip on tuesday…. and he doesn’t come home until friday. it will be my first time EVER home alone with the baby for a few days at a time. in fact, i’m not sure if dave has ever even been gone overnight from davey (except the one night we were together at a hotel). i’ve been to a few overnight crops but i don’t think dave has been gone. next week should be interesting.


but for now, we’re focusing on the fun and joys of SHOPPING!


happy saturday!

what once was broken

 Friday: May 23rd


So what once was broken (by falling on the floor in Target back on May 13th):


has been fixed – sorta:


i went without a phone for NINE WHOLE DAYS. whew. i’m glad the wait is over! we had my phone number transferred to dave’s old phone (aka: the same as my broken one). and i paid the extra money to have all my numbers transferred to the phone, too. it was worth it to me. and i also had to have HIS number transferred to a REALLY old phone of mine. but it’s done now. and it wasn’t all that complicated after all. 


and for those of you who like to see my creativity, here’s the card i made earlier this week using a BRAYER TECHNIQUE taught to me (through her blog, no-less!) by my dear friend, Elizabeth:

so i used a flower mask and laid it down on my white cardstock. i inked my brayer with a green ink. then i used a cotton ball (in place of a sponge) to add some turquoise ink over the mask where the brayer didn’t quite cover all the white cardstock. i added some ribbon along the top and a ribbon knot on the side and a little sentiment and some buttons. it was FUN to play with my brayer.


and remember those cute stamps that aunt marylou sent to me? the people? here’s a thank you card i made for her:

pretty cute, huh?!  :)



dinner fun

Thursday: May 22


so here’s part two of our fun weekend adventures. on sunday evening we headed to tim & carrilee’s for dinner and then a bonfire (i was craving s’mores). it was beautiful outside and the boys enjoyed playing together. henry was pretty good with davey, too, with only a few exceptions. so here’s a little photo view of the fun evening:

henry loves to PUSH… whether anyone’s riding or not!


my boys just hanging out before dinner:


henry wanted to wear his little monkey backpack/leash and then he said "cheese" for the camera!


carrilee pushing the boys in the new stroller she found at a garage sale for only $25…. it can hold an infant in a carrier and then henry can sit OR stand in the stroller. what a find!


on our walk (while tim & dave were testing some radios for work), we had all kinds of adventures! the boys got to feel smooth leaves on a tree and some bumpy seeds on the same tree. and we saw a goat, a horse, some dogs (including a pug) and a cat. and henry got to "climb" on some dirt ramps. what an adventure!



davey and mama

 wednesday: may 21st


davey and mama… we spend so much time together, but there aren’t that many (recent) photos of us together. dave took this one just before we got ice cream on saturday in west seattle:


last night i weighed and measured davey…. per our scale, he’s weighing in at 18 pounds, 4 ounces and he measures at 27 inches. we still haven’t taken his 10-month photo (soon, i hope). nor have we taken my 12-week baby belly photo (and i’m already more than 14 weeks!)…. so we’re a little behind in our photo taking!


but at 10 months, he’s doing the following:

- clapping ALL THE TIME

- standing for brief periods of time (16 seconds last night – his newest record)

- attempting to crawl

- attempting to walk

- loves to say the sounds "buh buh buh" and "da da da"

- has three teeth and one more on the way

- eats cheerios by the fistful

- sleeps pretty consistently for 10-11 hours each night

- takes two naps a day (1-2 hours each)

- likes to be startled by mama

- puts everything in his mouth

- rolls over whenever he’s lying down (try changing his diaper!)

- lights up when daddy comes home from work

- is a flirt and a charmer

- loves to watch other children – even babies

- loves to watch people

- loves action and activity

- still loves mirrors

- wants to pull daddy’s hair!

- is such a joy and delight to us on a daily basis


last night i ALSO got to play in my craft area after davey went to bed. i made a card for aunt marylou using my new stamp (the female) and i made a card for elizabeth’s "my inner martha" challenge using my brayer. a supply i’ve had for YEARS but have never really known HOW to use it! photos of these cards to come soon, i promise!


cute stuff

 tuesday: may 20th


so i’m already a day late with turning in a layout sample for the store. so this morning, while davey was behaving, we headed into my craft area and in less than 10 minutes (okay, maybe 15), i had completed this:

a few inked strips of patterned paper, a collage of photos of little miss emma kay, some glitter chipboard letters and hearts and a few stickers…. and there you have it…. a completed, quick and easy layout!


and last night, when grandpa & grandma stopped by to see their wonderful grandson, he was ALL SMILES for them…. and he showed them (many times) how he loves to clap AND stand… and they even got a peek at his incoming teeth!



they were THRILLED to see their darling baby again after two weeks. and grandma is ready to JUMP RIGHT BACK into some babysitting, so later this week she’s gonna watch davey so i can head to the store to design next week’s cards for card class!


grandpa & grandma delivered some fun goodies to us…. a route 66 bib for davey and coasters and a bottle opener for us. aunt marylou sent along a fun water toy for davey which should come in handy this weekend with all the sun and warm weather we’re expecting. and, near and dear to my own heart, these FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN stamps (also from aunt marylou) for me to play with:

i saw these on someone’s blog and i fell in love. i spent a week or two trying to buy them online somewhere but i wasn’t up to spending the same amount on S&H as on the stamps themselves… and then it dawned on me to check with aunt ML if they had one of the stores nearby… i had planned to pay her back for the stamps but when she sent them home with dave’s parents, she told mom to tell me that they were her treat.




today is errand running day in Bellingham. with gas prices at more than $4 a gallon out here, my trips to Bellingham have been limited to one a week. this week is special – i get to run errands today and on thursday i can go BACK to bellingham to design next tuesday’s cards for class at the store. i don’t know what it is, but i LIKE going into bellingham. i LIKE running errands (most of the time). i think it goes back to my LOVE of shopping. even if it’s for chicken and diapers at costco, i still get to be out and about and observing all the fun things for sale out there!