what a day

 thursday: april 17th


wow. what a day! today, i watched THREE kids. yep. davey and i had the privilege of babysitting ellie jo and lily jean 

while their beautiful mama, stacy, was working.


earlier this week, i was a little worried about today – wondering WHAT IN THE WORLD i would do with all these kids for SIX HOURS…. but God was great. when the girls arrived (at 11 a.m.), davey was still napping. and after he woke up and ate, lily decided she wanted to take a nap an hour earlier than normal…. and she slept for over 90 minutes. by the time she woke up, davey was already in his crib b/c he was being mr. fussy-pants. it took him over 40 minutes to actually go to sleep, but then he slept for THREE HOURS. yep. THREE HOURS. he didn’t wake up until about 5:30 – after Stacy had come by to pick up the girls!


i had thought about going for a walk with the girls and davey, but with his long nap, we just ran out of time in the day! we watched annie, my girl and baked cookies. we built towers with blocks (and knocked them over) and we did some fun penguin bowling. all-in-all, it was easier than i thought. it was still hard…. but it wasn’t awful. i even got some laundry done (two loads folded and one more dried)! i think i was more productive today than i have been any other day this week!  


and for good measure, here’s yet another photo of davey in one of his favorite seats: 

3 thoughts on “what a day

  1. I love the look on Davey’s face in that first picture. It’s like “What the heck?” “I thought I was an only child!” :)

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