weekend joys

 sunday: april 6th


wow. what a weekend. davey and i enjoyed a somewhat lazy friday around the house. we were visited by our dear friends, Christy and her 5-month old son, Colin, in the early afternoon. we had a good, but short visit. i miss you, dear friend! thanks for making the time to visit us!


later in the afternoon we headed to costco to pick up some photos and baby formula (i’ll be SO GLAD when davey can drink whole milk instead of expensive formula). davey and i then headed to Treasury’s 20-hour crop (daddy later picked up davey from the crop so i could actually create something). davey is WELL-LOVED by all the TOM girls… and he LOVES THEM! Here’s a link to Miss Alissa’s blog where she included ADORABLE photos of my darling davey: alissa’s blog link


Though I didn’t take ANY photos at the crop, i sure did accomplish a lot in a short period of time. Here’s what I was able to do in my 20 hours:

play with davey while waiting for daddy to finish up at work; put out an evening snack; start & finish 13 12×12 layouts (2 of them are 2-pagers, too!); finish a Christmas mini album; make a "store run" and use some die cuts there; finish a custom-order album for brandy; sleep for 5.5 hours; put out and then clean up from breakfast; play with baby konnor; and many other things that just take up some time. i figured out that i probably had 9-10 hours of actual "work" time at the crop. so i accomplished a LOT of completed projects in those few hours!


after getting home, i got to talk with dave, play with davey and take a long shower. we had some relaxing time at home as a family before we headed out the door to henry’s 2nd birthday party. SO MUCH FUN! here are some photos from the evening:

the birthday boy is learning how to say "cheese" when he smiles for a photo!



mommy (and baby bump), daddy and henry


the coolest swingset (from the parents and two sets of grandparents):


(dave liked the swing and davey loved chewing on the "banana seat")



a t-ball set from neighbor, patti…. henry LOVED this gift… and he’s pretty coordinated!


and henry, once again, enjoyed his gifts from the dunkin clan:


(a cool bench, bathtime boats that magnetize together and some clothing)


i think it was all a little too much for davey… 


it was a long night of fun, fun, fun for him. he missed his evening nap but was such a good boy. i absolutely LOVE and ADORE that carrilee’s parents love my son, too. i wish they lived here instead of in texas!  :)  


BUT GUESS WHAT?! Even with ALL OF THAT FUN, our weekend wasn’t over yet! we still had SUNDAY to go! church, followed by a family lunch at el ranchito (mexican) – thanks, dad & mom, followed by a LONG (3.5 hours) nap for davey led to a great evening of family time. while davey was sleeping, dave and i got to relax and enjoy a movie. then davey woke up and was a happy little guy. he played for a long time on his own and then seemed to want more contact and interaction. so dave decided to try some more tummy time. and guess what? davey was pretty cool with it! dave tried to teach davey how to (army) crawl. and then davey decided he wanted to roll over (tummy to back AND back to tummy) without any prompting from us. and then he opted to do some more army crawling. this kid is gonna be on the move V.E.R.Y SOON!


look how cute he was: 


isn’t he adorable?! his spiked hair…. his kenneth cole striped button down (thanks again, nana!), those eyes… that smile… even the quilt he’s crawling on (thanks, Lisa… it’s PERFECT)!


so there you have it, a recap of my long and WONDERFUL weekend!

4 thoughts on “weekend joys

  1. sounds like you need a long nap from that crazy, busy, fun weekend! :) loved seening davey at the crop! he’s such a good and adorable boy! you sure did get a lot done! i did 9 6×12 pages and started a home mini book. i guess i spent too much time talking! :) cute pics of davey with the spikey hair! again, adorable little guy you’ve got there! and so sweet too!

  2. That is quite the weekend! Congrats on accomplishing so much at the crop. That’s impressive. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE Davey’s stylin’ button down shirt. What a handsome guy :) .

  3. Isn’t it great to have that kind of weekend sometimes? It seems to put some wind in your sails, huh. Glad you had fun!

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