nine months

 tuesday: april 15th


it’s so hard to believe that davey is 9 months old today. i can’t believe i’ve been a mama for 9 months. i feel like i’m still learning. still getting "in the groove." still learning how this "parenting" thing works. thankfully, davey is pretty forgiving… and he’s learning about this "child" thing simultaneously with my "parenting" lessons, so we’re a good pair!  :)


so 11 months ago, davey looked like this (from our 4-D ultrasound):


and 9 months ago, davey looked like this (his hospital website photo):


and this past Sunday, he looked like this:


he’s grown a lot in a year, eh?!  :)


there’s not much new to report since last month, but here’s a list anyway:

 - weighs approximately 17 pounds and is approximately 27 inches

 - "talking" a lot (especially "ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba")

 - able to sit up by himself for long lengths of time

 - able to play by himself with his toys for longer lengths of time (blocks, stacking toy, bucket of shapes, cars, etc.)

 - still loves to stand and bounce

 - still loves to be thrown in the air and to be "dropped" and other similar games

 - wearing 6-9 and 6-12 month clothing (and filling it out well)

 - beginning to eat more solid foods

 - still only has his bottom two teeth

 - still drools like crazy

 - loves to people watch

 - loves other kids (especially babies)

 - still tries to "twirl" his hair (like mama & daddy) when he’s tired

 - still puts almost everything into his mouth

 - will watch tv for brief periods of time (whatever we’re watching or veggie tales or cartoons)

 - enjoys playing with his feet (especially his toes)

 - will reach out his arms for us to hold him (love this – most of the time!)

 - still a delight in the church nursery

 - rolls over all the time (back to front and front to back – FINALLY)

 - can "scoot"/army crawl with some assistance



3 thoughts on “nine months

  1. I knew it in my head, but to see “9 months” written…wow!!! I’ve now been a mom for 16 years and 4 months and I’m still trying to get in my groove too. :) HaHa. Ahh, parenthood…you’ve gotta love it. Keep up the good work, darlin!

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